If your life as a Christian hasn’t turned out like you expected, this website is for you.  If you have ever experienced the sting of shattered dreams and sin failures, this website is for you.  If your Christianity and walk with Christ is powerless and frustrated but you still have a burning desire to find God's help and to know Him better, this website and ministry which God called me to start in 2012, is for you.  

Michael Chriswell

Michael Chriswell

No matter what you have been through, I know from experience that your loving and merciful Heavenly Father wants to help you.  I, and many others, have seen His deliverance, redemption, and restoration in our own lives and in the lives of others around the world.    In order to receive Father's help, you must learn to respond to Him and your circumstances according to His true ways.  Most "Christians" today are ignorant of His true ways and their crying out to Him comes to nothing.  Don't let that be you. 

Grab a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage and watch these three messages first my friend. Then proceed below and may God bless you as you listen!



The Story

After a dark childhood and a tragic business failure, Michael finally achieved the good life. Then betrayal struck and he suddenly lost everything.  What happened next will strengthen your faith in God.

The Challenge

Are you ready for a joy and peace that not even bad circumstances can put out? Take this step-by-step practical journey through the teachings of Christ to experience God and find life to the full.  

The Teachings

For several years after starting RelentlessHeart.com, many people contacted me with their stories, struggles, and questions about their walk with God.  Eventually I started answering people with personal audio recordings.  Within 2 years, I had made over 1000 recordings and messages addressing the issues they were facing with God's word.  Because of the volume of contacts I receive and the repetitive nature of the subjects, I am no longer able to personally reply to everyone who contacts us.  However, in an effort to help you too, I've made the most important of these messages available to you as well, all grouped by category.  Please visit the Blog below and select your specific category of need.  May God bless you as you listen.