The Impact

"I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed.  But if it dies, it produces many seeds."- John 12:24


"I tried to kill myself."

Behind the sold out concert performances, Jeremiah Turner was falling apart and didn't want to live anymore.  The night he gave up, God's plan from seven months earlier was put into action.

"I was trapped in addiction."

Chris had been sober for 30+ years but was still enslaved by a 20 year sex addiction.  That was until the day that he decided to go for coffee and God had a plan.


"I couldn't forgive my sisters."

Kay was doing her job, cleaning offices, when God directed her to an encounter that would instantly release her from years of pain and hate towards her two sisters.  They had done the unthinkable and Kay was left trapped in the effects of unforgiveness.


"I worried all the time."

Bobby Junkin had been going to church for most of his life, but he had never found freedom from his anxieties.  Here's how Bobby found freedom from worry and how he began to experience God moving in his life.


"I was betrayed and wanted to sue!"

A lady named Mary had been badly hurt and abused by a pastor, whom she worked for.  She wanted justice and was preparing to sue, then she she went for coffee at Starbucks and God intervened.


"How God broke my mom's heart" 

My mother reveals some very interesting things about what was going on in her heart during her season of unbelief and why she was persecuting me so much.  This story will help anyone who is waiting in faith for someone on the family to come to faith.

"I was chasing the good life."

Gustavo was on the fast track to the "good life".  He set his goals, made his dream book, and set his aim on his dreams and desires.  That was until he watched me walk through Losing Everything to Find it ALL, in real life.  God dramatically changed his heart.


"My husband tried to kill me."

Ginny Souther's husband tried to kill her and then committed suicide.  Then something equally bizarre happened and she came home one day to kill herself, but God led her to the STORY instead. 


"My mom said I had a mental illness" 

My Mother thought my faith in Christ was a mental illness and she persecuted me ruthlessly for several years.  I almost gave up hope, but finally God had his way!  Watch this raw interview!


More stories of redemption


“Thank you Michael! I prayed that prayer with you in your video... I first thanked God for guiding you through your trials thus allowing an amazing story to be told. Your story is having an effect on my life right now. I too experienced trauma in my life. Yesterday as I left work I really wanted to say goodbye to this world and had the same anger you felt with God. My entire life I have leaned on God but began questioning his love. I actually chose to stop praying. I can not tell you what prompted me to “google” losing everything. I watched your videos yesterday and prayed to God last night. This morning I woke up, went to work and shared your story with a good friend of mine who will be viewing your story this evening. Every single thing you said in your videos, every single bible reference made me feel like...God is talking to me and this message is for me. I thank God for coordinating this in your life as it has reached me...I want to thank you as well and make you aware of its effect. I hope to remain in touch... Thank you”

Ginny - Atlanta, GA


Hello Michael! Yesterday, a friend of mine sent me the link to your testimony. I was amazed at the phenomenal struggles you've overcome with God's awesome grace/mercy. I appreciated it SO much because our upbringings are very similar - my childhood was very hard AND I'm born/raised just twenty minutes south of Cape Canaveral/Cocoa Beach. I grew up in the Melbourne/Indialantic/Indian Harbor Beach area. You and I may have even surfed some of the same breaks? ha-ha. I too came from a very dysfunctional home and I too have spent my adult life trying to attain "success" in sales. I was very successful, but like you, in the past three years I have gone through a divorce (though not as harsh as yours) and have lost my career - starting over again in a new sales job. I meet weekly with a friend for Bible study whom I have shared how "tired" I have been with, loneliness, stress, finances and the feelings of "failure". He sent me your testimony as an encouragement and I just wanted to thank you.You've encouraged me to keep going until God's leads me out of this "wilderness". God bless you man~

David - Raleigh, NC


Hi Michael, I too have been rocked by a divorce I never expected.  I've been in women's ministry for nearly 14 years and I can assure you this does not remotely resemble what I thought would be a part of my story. My husband has chosen a new life, walking away from his family, choosing a new family.  When I discovered that my husband had a girlfriend, I finally felt released by God. It's the most painful journey of my adult life, but I KNOW that I KNOW that His hand is at work already redeeming and restoring.  Now ... as I watch your video, I'm in awe of two things: 1) How God has restored & redeemed your incredibly painful journey; 2) the truth of your words. Not all that popular in the Christian world today. Even in our churches. You are 100% correct in your interpretation of the Scripture you spoke about.  I'm praying for you, Michael. For God's supernatural favor to continuously be poured out over your life and your ministry.

Lisa, Orlando, FL


I just finished watching your video with a friend regarding your spiritual journey. The two of us were quite blown away. I look forward to meeting with you to seek some spiritual advice. I find it amazing that the Lord has led you to me in such a time of grief! Thank you for coming up to me and giving me that card with your story on it!

Jeremy, Huntsville, AL