Ch. 1 - A Story of Real Faith

In this teaching series, I will begin breaking down the faith journey, step-by-step, of how God gave me a promise for a wife (Persis), and then 5.5 years later, how He brought her into my life without me having to do anything except wait for Him to act in my behalf.

Ch. 2 - Hope Deferred Makes the Heart Sick

In Part 2, I'm going to go back and fill in some of the back story of having to wait 40 LONG months between the promise of having a new wife and then finally having Persis show up in my life.

Ch. 3 - God's Strange Guidance

In this part 3, I'll share the incredibly unusual way which Father chose to keep me single and focused on waiting for the one He planned for me to have and how He finally brought Persis to me and showed me she was the one He had chosen for me.

Ch. 4 - Faith vs. Sight

This is the part of the story, where God has clearly shown Persis and I both that we are chosen to be husband and wife, and we agree to step into the complete unknown all by faith. Then, as soon as we agree to move forward, obstacles begin showing up which seem to contradict God's command and promises to us.

Ch. 5 - Satan Offers a Shortcut

In this part of the story, I share with Persis via recordings made back in January 2016, how God had just promised me He would deliver us into this marriage He was arranging.

Ch. 6 - Resolved to Trust God

When God gives you a promise, Satan will not just stand-by and allow you easy entrance into that promise. You will have to intentionally fight the battle, trusting God to get you through.

Ch. 7 - Moving Forward by Faith

Well....there was an unexpected lesson that showed up in the making of this video...spiritual warfare captured and handled, in the moment. After we get through that part of this video, I will share the story of exactly how, and exactly when God called me to move forward with marrying Persis and starting the visa process, by faith, in spite of the fact that the circumstances hadn't changed.

Ch. 8 - Satan's Many Strategies

This part of the story gives an inside look at several of Satan's many different strategies that he continued to use in an attempt to prevent Persis and I from walking into God's promise!

Ch. 9 - Praying Through

In part 9 of this faith story, I am going to start off by sharing a time that I thought I heard something from God, but later I turned out to be completely WRONG. I also share Biblical insight into how this happened.

Ch. 10 - Faith Takes Risks

In part 10, we push further into the "Promised Land" by faith, having to take a MAJOR risk and trusting God, regardless of how we feel in our own human understanding and irrespective of the thinking of those around us.

Ch. 11 - Holding Firmly to Faith

In Part 11, as Persis and I get closer and closer to victory, our faith is tried and tested to the max. The devil brings his continued assaults, but nothing is too strong for God's power and we FINALLY see God do the first part of "IMPOSSIBLE" in this stage of the story...He delivers through our impassable "Pharaoh".

Ch. 12 - Faith vs. Feelings

This is the last part of the story before I take off for India to marry Persis. It remains a battle of our faith and God begins to train me to walk even more by faith, and less by my feelings.

Ch. 13 - Journey to India

At LAST...we get to my favorite parts of the story and my experiences living in India. Part 13 is the story of my first journey to India to marry my promised wife on the very same day that I actually met her! What an INCREDIBLE experience to have an arranged marriage (by God)!

Ch. 14 - Amazing Experiences in India

In this video... Some of the CRAZY and totally unexpected things you see in India The neat experience of my very first train ride from Hyderabad, India to Guntakal. The SHOCKING experience of seeing and walking inside the small home that my wife lived in, until she was 17 years old with no running water or electricity.

Ch. 15 - Persevering to the Promise

In this video... Persis and I have enjoyed a loving and humble wedding ceremony before her family in Hyderabad, India, the very first day we spite of the fact that I had spent 40 hours traveling from my door to hers.

Ch. 16 - God's Amazing Providence

In this video... I've made it back home from India and already missing my wife so much! Now it's time to send off the US Immigration visa paperwork, trusting God's guidance and providence to get us back together. God shows His incredible providence, giving me a sign that we will indeed enter into this "promise".

Ch. 17 - The Blessing of Faith

Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do NOT see. I was sure that God would bless me to be reunited with Persis in India, while we waited for her US immigration visa. Indeed God blessed my faith!

Ch. 18 - The Victory of Faith

If you have missed any parts of this story, Walking with God into the IMPOSSIBLE, so far, HERE is the full playlist link: In part 18, Satan shows how relentless he is in his attempt to frustrate the works and promises of God, everything that can go wrong does, as we push forward through an unbelievable amount of obstacles on the way to receiving Persis' US immigration visa.

Ch. 19 - The Lord Gives and Takes Away

This is the most painful and difficult message I have ever made, but God has given me strength in Christ. Plain and simple, this video is a terribly SAD and SHOCKING warning, about apostasy (falling away from faith in Jesus Christ), and how NONE OF US are immune to it, if we do not remain humble and careful!