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You know, you’ve traveled all around the world, Morgan Freeman . . . if you ever get a chance to see this . . . and you’ve seen and looked and heard all the world has to say about this Divine God. I want to show you the miracle that you missed.

(Michael’s mother, Cindy Huntley). I’m in the shower, and all of a sudden, I hear this sound. I get out of the shower, and I realize that it’s my son, wailing again. It’s only the second time I’ve heard this, in my whole life. I hurry into his room to find him laying on the floor, on his stomach, rigid, just wailing and wailing. And again, I hear, “Nobody is going to believe what You have done for me. Nobody will ever believe what You have done for me. I have to spend the rest of my life telling people, because it is a miracle. Everybody told me there was no way this could happen. You told me it would, God, and You did it.”

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Hi. I am Michael Chriswell, and welcome to Part 6 of Walking With God Through Crisis, Seven Years Later. Now, the reason I titled this video on YouTube, “The Miracle Which Morgan Freeman Missed,” is because of a clip that I’m going to be showing you in today’s video, which came from a series, I believe, that he did back in 2015, a wonderful documentary series, I felt, called “The Story Of God.” And it’s Morgan Freeman in a partnership with, I believe, National Geographic, flying all over the world, attempting to dissect and understand what it is that people, from various backgrounds and religions, call God. Who is God to them? What are their proofs of God? How do they worship God, in all of their different ways? In this particular clip, he talks about miracles. He flies all around to investigate the Divine power that people claim they have seen in their life. Okay?

So, I’m going to show this clip, I’m going to pull it apart and explain a few things, because I think it goes fantastic with the most amazing miracle I have ever seen in my life. I can say this without fear of over-hyping this. What you’re about to see, I have never shown to anybody. Nobody has ever publicly seen these clips, these documents, these pictures and this video before. Now, I have shared a little bit, bits and pieces of this story, throughout some of my recordings, some 330-odd recordings, that I have on my YouTube Channel. But nobody has ever seen this story told in this color, with the actual images that happened and took place when this miracle took place.

I really believe, in all humility before the God of the Bible and the Lord, Jesus Christ, whom I serve and have a great deal of faith in, that I have never seen any kind of miracle that even comes close to what you’re about to see. And the reason is, because of how unbelievably complicated this miracle was for God to do. I have said, many times, that I believe somebody being raised from the dead is a piece of cake to God compared to what He will do, and what you will see, in this story. I believe somebody being freed from dozens of tumors is not nearly as complicated and as difficult as what God has done in this. No financial miracle is nearly as complicated as what Father has done in this.

There are times throughout history, when God does things that are extra-ordinary, to reach through, as an evidence, to a believing child of His, to then bring Himself and His name glory and to make Himself known to others. The Bible is full of miracle stories, and every single one of them, we can know God’s explanation has always been to make Himself known to others. Throughout human history, men have had the desire for eternity. The Bible says that God has planted eternity in the hearts of men, but men cannot really understand it. Men have always believed, throughout all of human history, that there is a greater higher power that exists beyond us, and many men have put hope in it, and many men have built religions entirely . . . huge religious systems . . . all around the idea that there is a Divine.

Those who have worshipped the stars, those who have worshipped the earth, those who have worshipped everything in between. There are those who believe in one God. There are those who believe in millions of gods. Throughout history, there has always been this question: Who is the right God? How can we prove who the right God is?

You know, I have really taken delight in seeing the number of atheists who have come to my YouTube Channel who want to point out my delusion for believing in God, and I really understand, and I have compassion on them. I understand they believe it’s a delusion, because when I look at religion, what I see is insanity. I see billions of people all around the world, all absolutely believing they are 100% right, just as I do. Okay? Everybody believes they are right, and everybody believes their god is the right God. I understand those atheists, because I have an atheist in me.

I have a part of me that has never lost the ability to look at something like this and say, “How is that possible? How can I possibly reconcile what I am seeing here with that invisible person who I worship called God, Almighty, the Father of the Lord, Jesus Christ? How can this be?” I have never lost the capacity to doubt that what I have seen, and what I’ve personally experienced, is just a matter of co-incidence or delusion. And guys, I have experienced many things. Wait until you hear my remarriage story in India. I’m telling you; it is extra-ordinary. I cannot wait to tell you, because God took it to a whole other level of complicated.

But this, probably, is one of the tightest, most specific, sharpest, most amazing miracles I have ever seen in my life.

For thousands of years, men have debated, “My God is the right God. Your God is the right God.” From one human being to another, with the love of Jesus Christ in me who has transformed my entire life and heart, I would challenge anybody of a separate faith, not to an obnoxious, arrogant battle where we can prove who is a greater wordsmith and who knows more of their particular area of study, or the particular history of their religion, or who can have more facts for theological debates as to why they are wrong or right. No. I would want to just peacefully make one single challenge. There is a challenge that’s made in the Holy Bible, amongst a group of people who were debating about who the right God was: This god called “Baal,” or Elijah saying that the God of Israel, the God of the Holy Bible, was the real God.

There is this debate in our Bible – 1 Kings 18:21-39 – our Holy Bible, about which God is the right God. God leads this man, Elijah, to do something that is absolutely extra-ordinary. He basically says, “Here’s what we’re going to do. You prepare a sacrifice. I’m going to prepare a sacrifice. We’re going to put all these pieces of meat . . . you pick your very best cattle, you build an altar, you build a ditch. You put yours here, (Showing one pile with his hand) I’ll put mine here (Showing another pile with his hand). We’re going to call upon our gods, and the God that answers by fire is the one true God.”

And they said to him, “This is good. We agree this is a good thing.” So, 450 prophets of Baal did all their work, they set up their altar. They began dancing and calling on their god, to the point of cutting themselves. And at one point, Elijah, realizing they are calling on a god that’s not there, and if he is there, he’s a bunch of demonic spirits . . . which is what our Bible teaches us is behind idols and false gods . . . they are actually devil spirits that are trying to court the worship of human beings for satan, rather than the one true God . . .

1 Corinthians 10:18-22, Deuteronomy 32:17, Psalm 106:37

. . . And so, he says to them, “Oh, perhaps he has gone on vacation, perhaps he is sleeping, perhaps he is busy. You should cry out louder.” Because what’s happening is, as these people are calling on their god, nothing is happening. And then in accordance with the will of God . . . this man did not put his God to the test. He did not show up on a mountain and say, “Hey, everybody, who wants to see whose god is God, and let’s call fire down from heaven, and whoever. . .” No. He did not put God to the test. The Bible says, “Let it be known. . .” – he says, as he prays, “Oh, God, Almighty, God of Israel, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, let it be known today that I am doing all that You have commanded.” This is what Elijah says.

And then he calls upon the name of the Lord. And fire, the Bible says, comes down from heaven and consumes the sacrifice that not only was made there with the same meat and the same wood and the same stones, but he also poured out three gigantic jars of water all over this sacrifice, such that it was running all around in a trough around the sacrifice. The holy God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob sends fire down and laps up all of the water and consumes the entire sacrifice.

And in that moment from that miracle, wrought by that one man of faith up against 450 prophets of a false god, He proved who the one true God was. Throughout human history, God has been pleased to do this a few times. And I’m here to challenge anybody who really has a heart to know the truth . . . I’m here to challenge any Muslim . . . I say this again in all due respect . . . I would challenge any Muslin on the planet . . . I would love for you to personally contact me. And this is going to go for Muslims, this is going to go for Buddhists. This goes for Zoroastrianism’s. This goes for Catholics. This goes for Mormons. This goes for New Agers. This goes for anybody.

This goes for Hindu’s who have, at their discretion, they believe, millions of gods. I want to challenge any and everybody who has the capacity for the spiritual, who has a desire to know and believe in God: Has your god, as you have called upon him, ever been able to do anything for you like what you’re getting ready to see?

The Bible says that the God who brings fire from heaven is the one true God, and I’m going to tell you something; there is another way you can know. I would have loved to have answered this for Morgan Freeman, who says, very, very poignantly . . . he says, “How can we distinguish between that which is just random chance, and that which many people believe is the Hand of the Divine? How can we know this, whether or not?” You’re going to see this in this clip coming up.

(He plays a video clip from the documentary. Morgan Freeman speaking – “Most of us have a turning point in our lives, a pivotal moment where you wondered, “How did this happen?” Mine was 1989. I made three films: Lean On Me, Driving Miss Daisy, and Glory. Did I make it happen? Was someone up there calling the shots? Or was I lucky? To try to understand this, I’ve arranged to meet a psychology professor who thinks we often mistake random chance for miracles.”

Mr. Freeman: “Danny Oppenheimer.”

Mr. Oppenheimer: “Nice to see you.”

Mr. Freeman: “How are you today?”

Mr. Oppenheimer: “I’m good, and you?”

Mr. Freeman: “I’m good. What are you doing?”

Mr. Oppenheimer: “I’m flipping coins.”

Mr. Freeman: “Why?”

Mr. Oppenheimer: “I’m looking for streaks.”

Mr. Freeman: “Streaks?”

Mr. Oppenheimer: “Yeah, if you flip a coin enough times, you’re going to get a streak.”

Mr. Freeman: “Really?” (Mr. Oppenheimer keeps flipping the coin onto his hand, and then recording the results.) “That’s a lot of tails.”

Mr. Oppenheimer: “Well, if I flip a coin twice, and I get “heads” both times, is that miraculous?”

Mr. Freeman: “No, but if you do it 50 times, and you get 60, that’s a miracle.”

Mr. Oppenheimer: “Well, yeah, if you get more than you flip, certainly. But how rare does an event have to be before we call it “miraculous”? One in a million? One in a billion?”

Mr. Freeman: “I choose “billion.””

Mr. Oppenheimer: “All right, one in a billion. Well, let’s try something. (He pulls out a deck of cards and shuffles them. Then he turns over several cards.) Jack of Diamonds. Six of Spades. King of Spades. Two of Hearts. Seven of Diamonds, and Ace of Spades. Is it “miraculous” to have gotten this sequence?”

Mr. Freeman: “No. I mean, it’s just a random selection of cards off the deck.”

Mr. Oppenheimer: “Well, right, but this particular sequence, starting with the Jack, and then getting the Six of Spades, and then the King of Spades, that only happens one in about 14-billion times you draw six cards. So, it’s pretty miraculous, by your one-in-a-billion standard.”

Mr. Freeman: “So, you’re telling me that this is miraculous?”

Mr. Oppenheimer: “Well, no, as you said before, it’s just a random set of cards. What if it was the first six digits of your social security number? What if it were the last six digits of your social security number? The first six digits of your phone number? Sometimes, it’s not actually “miraculous.” Sometimes, it’s just probability playing its tricks on you.”

Mr. Freeman: “All right, so, how do we include the Divine, because there are people who really do think that there is Divine intervention in these kinds of interplays.”

Mr. Oppenheimer: “Absolutely, and nothing I’m saying here rules out the possibility of the Divine. The fact that probability predicts certain things doesn’t mean that there can’t be Divine intervention. But miraculous things that are so unlikely that you think it can’t happen by chance alone, they do happen, and they have to happen. It would be odd if they didn’t. Because with six billion people in the world, there are so many opportunities for something really unusual to happen, we would expect it to happen to some of them.”)

(Michael speaking from in front of his computer monitor, present day.) There are religions all around the world that claim to have miracles. I believe there is a supernatural force that is willing and able to help many other religions to be deceived away from the one true God and experience the supernatural. I believe in stigmata, I believe in crying statues of Mary, and I believe they are all a terrible delusion of satan. They are a counterfeit designed to lead people away from the God of the Bible, the one true God.

So, there again, what is the distinguishing factor of the one true God from all others? I will tell you: The one true God can tell the future. The one true God can tell a miracle in advance of it actually happening. (This eliminates ALL chance of it being just random chance.) In John 14:29, Jesus Christ says . . . as He does multiple other places just through His words and His actions, predicting the future . . . in John 14:29, Jesus Christ, the living Son of God, said to His disciples and those listening, “I have told you these things before they happen, so that whey they happen, you will believe.”

Morgan Freeman, I say this to you with great respect of who you are as a human being, and of your amazing career . . . I would say to you, my friend, you walked away from the one true faith that you clearly were taught in church. I understand walking away from religion and walking to Hollywood. I get it. Religion is horrible, in my opinion. But I do not understand walking away from a heavenly Father who loves you, and who made you to be a little boy who climbs up in His lap, the delight of His Father, who grows up to be a friend, like Abraham, of God . . . to walk away from the living God who made you and created you.

I would just encourage you . . . you know, you’ve traveled all around the world, Morgan Freeman . . . if you ever get a chance to see this . . . and you’ve seen and looked and heard all the world has to say about this Divine God. I want to show you the miracle that you missed. I want to show you the John 14:29 God that I worship of the Bible; the Lord, Jesus Christ, who indeed answered by fire in my life. When I cried out to Him as a person who loved money and who was afraid of men, and who lived my whole life in insecurity and the fear for other people to see, this God, the living Lord, Jesus Christ, answered by fire in my heart, and burned off all that was in me that was not of the Divine, all that was in me that was nothing like the Lord, Jesus Christ, radically completely changing me.

I want you to know that God answered by fire, in my life. I live by faith, believing that God will provide. I have seven years, now, of living in total faith, never asking man for a single dollar of support, never asking man to help me or support me in anything in the building of the ministry. Morgan Freeman, my story has been watched a million-and-a-half times on YouTube. It’s called “Trusting God In The Storm.” I pray you’ll watch it. It’s a beautiful work of what God did for some little weakling, who came to Him in faith, who didn’t come to Him . . . I didn’t come to God with a telescope. I didn’t come to God with a microscope. I didn’t come to God with anything fancy.

I didn’t come to God with a bunch of history books. I came to God as a little child. Matthew 18:3 through 4: Jesus Christ said to all of His hearers, “Unless you change and become like a little child, you will never enter the kingdom of God. But all who come unto Him will receive rest for their weary souls.”

“All who keep His words,” John 8:51, “will never see death.” Jesus Christ proved, over and over again, that He is the one true living God, and I tell you, 2,000 years later, there are little bitty nobody’s just like me . . . I’m just a nobody. I gave my whole life to this world in trying to chase after success, and having everything that everybody told me would delight my heart, give me purpose, give me fulfillment, it fell flat. The steak I chased tasted like water.

God gave me a chance, reached through and spoke to my heart, “I didn’t create you for you to give your very best to the world. Come unto Me. Come unto Me, and I will give you light. I will give you purpose. I will give you peace. I will give you rest, contentment.” I tell you the truth, I’m one of the richest people I know, Morgan Freeman. You could outspend me a million-to-one, millions-to-one. You’ve traveled around the world. You’ve eaten the best steaks. You’ve had the best wine. You’ve been on the best boats. You’ve been in the very best movies. You’ve experienced the best that life has to offer.

My friend, I tell you Thomas a Kempis, 500 years ago, said, “The wealthiest man in the world is not the man who has the most. He is the man who needs the least.” And by what God did through the Lord, Jesus Christ, in my heart . . . the same Lord, Jesus Christ, who wrought the miracle that you are getting ready to see it in this unbelievable story . . . changed my heart, answered by fire. Mark 9:49 – “Everyone will be salted by fire” – He completely radically changed my life, and He made me a beloved son. I was no longer running around like a scared little man, trying to find my identity and my love and acceptance in the world. I found it from an invisible God, who writes this story of reconciliation in the Book called the Holy Bible.

I found a peace and a joy and a rest and a contentment, I found an abundance of answered prayers. Morgan Freeman, if you ever see this, I challenge you to subscribe to my channel, if you are really curious, if you really went out into the world to find God. If what you said around every other airplane trip was sincere, that you wanted to know, I tell you, stick around and watch the life of one little guy, one little man, who has experienced his God in extra-ordinary ways, the God who has told me of the future in my life, repeatedly.

My friend, if I stood here today, and I told you that God healed my broken heart, or healed me from a heart attack, or He healed me from cancer, like the story that you even saw in your documentary . . . you know, you can see how people quickly want to go, “But was it the miracle of God, or was it the chemotherapy?” My friend, you will not be able to say that when you watch this story. You will not be able to ask that question any more than you could ask the question: “Was that a co-incidence that fire just came down from heaven in Elijah’s presence, and burned up all that sacrifice, and burned up all that water, and 450 people around fall to their face on the ground to worship the God of the Bible, saying, “It is the Lord who is God. It is the Lord who is God?”

My friend, I tell you, I have seen this in my life. I have experienced it. God has answered by fire, in my life, and God has told me in advance. Yes, Morgan Freeman, this is how you know who the one true God is. He can change a person completely, without them having any ability to do it themselves. He can change them completely.

Oh, there are lots of Buddhists who have been changed. There are lots of people in your videos who’ve been changed. There are all kinds of changes happening all the time. But, this change I’m talking about testifies to itself 2,000 years ago in the Words of Jesus Christ, where when somebody puts faith in Christ, as Jesus Christ taught in John 7:17 . . . incidentally, I wrote a book about it . . . John 7:17, Jesus Christ says to the whole world: “If anyone wants to know, essentially, is He really the Son of God. . .”

Everybody wants to go to a microscope or a telescope to find out who God is, but Jesus Christ came and said, “If you really want to know who God is, if you really want to know if I am of God, or if I am some great teacher, or if I’m just a prophet, or if I’m a lunatic,” He said, “If anyone chooses to do God’s will, that person will find out, they will know by experience, the Word of God will become alive in them. They will see manifestations of Jesus Christ, His presence.”

I don’t mean physically seeing God. I mean the Word of God, the Words of Christ, Jesus, becoming true, becoming real, becoming actual fact in their life. Jesus said, “If anyone chooses to do. . .” – it’s of your own free will. “If anyone chooses to do God’s will. . .”

Verse 16 of John 7 says, “The teaching you hear, My words, they are not My own. They come from Him who sent me.”

And then Jesus said, “Here’s the proof that you will know He sent Me. If you put My Words into practice, you will experience God.” Morgan Freeman, I want to tell you one Scripture that I sure know you must’ve heard in some church in Mississippi when you were growing up: John 14:21 through 23 – Jesus Christ pivots the entire love and existence and knowing God on this one command. He says, “Whoever has My commands and obeys them, he is the one who loves Me. He who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I, too, will love him and show Myself to him.”

The King James says, “manifest.” Jesus Christ’s promise to any person of faith on this earth, who wants to know who the true God is, He says, “If you will put My teachings into practice. . .” – and incidentally, Morgan, most Christians don’t even know all the teachings of Christ. For 19 years, I had no clue. I could’ve named about five of them. I never took the time to actually look at what the teachings were of Jesus Christ.

When I began to put the teachings of Christ into practice, I began to experience exactly what He promised. In that Scripture, He says, “Shall manifest.” In Verse 23, He says that He and the Father will actually make Their home with the person who loves Him enough . . . for having been forgiven of their sins, the work that Jesus Christ did to redeem us, to atone our sins, shedding His blood on the cross . . . Jesus Christ said, “If you believe I have been sent of the Father, and you believe My Words, and you put My Words into practice. . .”

In other words, you receive Me into your life as Lord – “. . .I’ll not only manifest myself to you, but My Father and I, by the Holy Spirit, will make Our home with you.” Now, this is an experience that Christians all over the world can testify to, that nobody can take away. No amount of atheistic reasoning, no amount of rhetoric, no amount of persecution or name-calling, no amount of theological reasoning and understanding, nothing can take away from the person who is truly walking with God by experience.

Little green spaceships landing in my backyard will not remove the reality of God in my heart, having put His Words into practice, experiencing something like this. Now, before I show this to you, let me just give you a quick little background. October 30th of 2009, I’m living in a million-dollar house. I’m being called the next Zig Ziglar. I’m a motivational sales training speaker, got a lot of clients, making a lot of success, but my heart is absolutely gripped with tension. There is no peace. Yet, I’m calling myself a Christian. Nineteen (19) years, I’m going to church, I’m trying to do a bunch of good deeds. I’m a leader in the men’s ministry. I’m washing the single-parent-mom’s cars on Mother’s Day. I’m feeding the homeless on Sunday nights. I’m doing all these good deeds, but I’m still racked with tension, and I’m still knowing, deep in my heart, something’s missing.

I’m calling myself a “Christian,” but the New Covenant, the New Testament reality of being a Christian is not mine. It’s left the building. October 30th, 2009, I have a crisis in my life. God is allowing my circumstances to fall apart. He’s starting to shake up all the things I’ve been building my life on, and I cry out to God in a weekend of fasting and prayer. I came to a place where many Saints that have gone before me have called the white funeral day, where I decided that I was going to give up my whole life to the One who made me, where I was going to call upon the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, and have Him save me, Acts 2:32, that I was going to not only surrender my will, but I was going to actually abandon my will.

I was going to stop treating Jesus Christ like a good luck rabbit’s foot, hanging Him and His Words, like a bumper sticker, on everything in my life, and hoping and praying that His name would bless all of my plans and my goals and my dreams. Instead, I got real with God, and I said, “The Bible says, if I am in Christ, I have been bought with a price. I am no longer my own. I should no longer live for myself, but for the One who died for me and gave Himself for me. I made that decision. I drew a line in the sand.

From that day forward, the real suffering started to come into my life. It was not this great blessing; the sky did not open up, the sun did not shine, and I did not hear, “This is My Son, whom I love and in whom I am well pleased.” My life began to fall apart, but I had a peace inside myself in spite of the storm, in spite of the circumstances. I had a knowing that I was now right with God. I had a knowing that in my humility, God had heard my prayer.

And from that point forward, God begins to move through my circumstances, move through the Word of God. He begins to supernaturally guide me and give me amazing guidance. Okay? He begins to manifest Himself, just as He promised. And by the way, this happens long before I became perfect, long before I knew all of the teachings of Jesus Christ, and could recite them and obey them and teach them.

God began to get involved in my life. Nine months to the day of that October 30th, 2009, on July 30th, 2010 . . . which you are going to see in this . . . my now ex-wife leaves; she turns evil on me in way that’s only describable to those who have heard a lot of the story. Everything falls apart. She takes all of my money, she takes all of my children, she takes virtually all of our possessions. She leaves, totally turns against me, and in the end spends close to $80,000 to destroy me in Divorce Court.

When you see this, what’ll you see . . . and what you’ve missed, if you haven’t watched this clip . . . is, God began to warn me, this little kid who was so scared and so humble to go through this. I began to, as a child, trust in this heavenly Father of mine (Showing a collage of various “666” numbers represented on different items – receipts, bank statements, phone numbers, odometer readings, calculator calculations, weather (“66 degrees at 6 mph”), file sizes, book covers, automobile identification numbers, license plate numbers, advertisements.), and God began to warn me with all of these “666” sightings that I’ve talked about. And then the “555” sightings, which showed me a page in the Holy Bible that I have that I would be delivered, telling me in advance.

And then, I began to see this number “777.” (Showing a collage of various “777” numbers represented on different items – receipts, billboard advertisements, vehicle license plates, lottery tickets, addresses, dates, times on the clock, phone numbers.) It would show up literally over a hundred times throughout the worst crisis of my life. And out of all of this, I was getting the sense that God was warning me, every time something difficult was going to happen, and that God was promising me, in advance, He would deliver me.

One day, God had spoken to my heart, and He said, “If you’ll fire your attorney and trust Me in this divorce, I will deliver you, and I will do it in a highly unusual way that will bring Me much glory.” Not “me,” (referring to Michael), but will bring “Him” (referring to God) much glory. That is the story we’ve done to this point. There were many temptations for me to save myself. It’s been a real struggle of faith. There has been a lot of pain and difficulty, as I’ve lost everything in my life so far, and now, this long-awaited promise is about to come true.

I challenge anybody of any faith who believes in any other different god to ask this question: Has your god ever been able to do anything for you like this? Again, I say this with deep respect for your faith. But I just challenge you, because the Bible says, “There is One way, One name under heaven, by which men must give an account and be saved. It is the name of Jesus Christ.” Jesus Christ said, “I am the way. I am the truth. I am the life. No one comes to God, the Father, but by Me.”

So, I would challenge you, has the god that you have been believing in, has he ever been able to do anything like this for you? In our Bible, we have a teaching about what’s called “common grace.” Common grace, the Bible says, our God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, He gives “rain to the righteous and the unrighteous.” Matthew 5:45. “He gives the sun to shine on the evil and the good.” So, our Bible teaches that God is graceful and still provides food, He still provides water, He still provides sustenance, even for those who reject Him. That’s how merciful and kind He is.

But we also know that God does not listen to the prayers of those who reject Him, and those who live in sin, and those who worship false gods. And we know that God does not pour out blessings, telling people in advance of His amazing and miraculous ability and power to deliver them from their circumstances. We know that there is a false power at work, that does false miracles, false wonders and false signs, and the Bible says God allows this. It says in the Book of 2nd Thessalonians, God allows this all around the world, for people to be deceived, for those who do not love the truth, and those who do not obey the Gospel of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

So, this is my humble challenge to all of you who have a faith, but it’s not in the God of the Bible, the Holy Bible; not in the Son, the Lord, Jesus Christ. Has your god ever been able to do anything like this for you, and has he ever been able to tell you in advance what was going to happen? Take a look.

(Back to the video where Michael is speaking from the couch in his parent’s house. Continued from Part 5. . .) Okay, so you can God is reaching through to me, right there in that moment of desperation where I am angry at Him, I’m at the end of myself, and He still, even though I’m telling Him how angry I am . . . He’s actually reaching through, by His grace, trying to comfort me. You’re going to understand how powerful that moment is that I caught on audio recording, at the end of this story. We’re getting close. Hang in there.

So, that happened in June, but God continues to encourage me, He gives me enough strength to keep going, and I keep moving forward. Now, this puts us into September, there is this Hearing set . . . there is a Hearing, a Trial being set now . . . and even though I’m still not . . . technically . . . finalized in my divorce, now there is a Hearing to violate me in the Parenting Agreement that they put together, saying I’m in violation of all this stuff. That’s set for like September 24th. So, on September 15th, we get a piece of mail, I open it up, and it turns out, it’s my Final Divorce Decree. I am elated. I don’t even read the papers, because I’ve seen the Proposed Final Judgment a hundred times. I know that it’s filled with things that are garbage, but there’s a part of me that after almost two-and-a-half years, I don’t even care.

I had told the Lord, for the weeks previous, I surrendered to the possibility that this was going to end in disaster. In spite of all the warnings of everybody else, I just said, “Lord, if I am to participate in Your sufferings, I consider it an honor.” I surrendered to it. And I said, “Lord, I will receive from You whatever is coming, because You have told me that You will deliver me. I don’t know how; I don’t know when. It may not be today, it may not be this year, but I’m going to choose to continue to trust You, and I’m going to believe that You will deliver me in the storm.”

So, now on that September 15th day, I’m rolling through these pages, not really looking at them, because I’d seen them forever, and I get to the back, and I realize that it’s been signed . . . my Divorce is final, “9/11,” “September 11th.” (Showing a copy of the Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage Page 8 of 8.) I instantly know, “That is not by coincidence. This is the Scripture Psalm 91:1. This is the spiritual 911.” This is the Scripture that Larry had driven me to, countless times, when I would call him, just at the end of my rope.

He would help me, pray with me, get me to get my Bible out and read through Psalm 91:1. So, now I’m looking at this, going “This was dated “9/11.” How cool is this?” I had no idea. I leave, I’m having a conversation, “Guys, I’m divorced. I’m excited,” and I kind of let out a big “Woo-hoo!” I was excited. But my mom goes, “Well . . .” And by the way, I forgot to tell you that for weeks leading up to all of this, my mother has been making all of these comments about me having a jailhouse ministry, because I didn’t get an attorney, and I’m getting all of this impugned income put in there, and having all this financial stuff put in there, and since I’m not going to be able to pay it, I’m going to end up in jail . . . “so, we’re going to come see you in jail.” This was the joke around the house. My mom would say this all the time, out of her own fear to try to manipulate me into getting an attorney.

So, now, that morning, I am leading with the divorce papers, and she says, “Well, yeah, that’s good, but you still have all that stuff in there you have to deal with.” I’m like, “Well, you know what? I have to be in Court on the 24th to defend myself against the Parenting Agreement that I’m in “violation” of, maybe God is setting this up, so that I’ll have an opportunity to get in front of that Judge and reiterate the fact that I’m being wronged.”

I leave and go to work that day. I’m at work, I’m checking my email . . . when I say “work,” that means Starbucks. I go there and I work on my little computer at the Starbucks . . . so I’m there, and I check my email, and the Hearing has been cancelled, and I’m like, “What?” I immediately am thinking, “Is the devil playing some kind of new joke here? What are they doing?” I had just told my parents I’m excited about being in front of the Court, so that I can defend myself. Now, the Hearing is done.

So, I leave the Starbucks all upset. I’m like, “God, I don’t know what You want me to do? Am I supposed to call them? Help me out here. Why didn’t You show me a “666” on this deal? Why do I feel like the devil is playing games? What’s going on?” A few minutes later, I pull up to a stoplight, the car in front of me “555.” I’m like, “Hhhhmmmm, that wasn’t enough.” I’m still thinking, “God, why didn’t You warn me? I didn’t see a “666.” What is this about? What do You want me to do?”

The very next stoplight, a different car: “555.” Instantly, I’m like, “God, are You telling me that You cancelled this Hearing, that this is Your deliverance? (Showing vehicle license plate numbers, taken 3 minutes apart.) “Yes, Michael.” And I’m like, “Wow.” I pull into the house. I’m like, “Guys, you’re not going to believe this, the Hearing has been cancelled.” The first thing I hear out of my mother’s mouth: “But I thought you wanted to be in Court, because how else are you going to help defend yourself and get all of this garbage taken out of the Final Divorce Decree?”

“Mom, I have no idea. I don’t know how, I don’t know when, but my God is going to deliver me.” My mom has an ex-NASA friend over. “Michael, do you want to tell them what happened about your divorce?” “Yeah,” and I began to tell them about the “777’s,” God showing me this season is almost over, He is going to deliver me, I’m telling them just a little brief version of it . . . “Yeah, but Michael’s still probably going to end up in jail, because there is all this stuff in there that he can’t pay, and so he’s probably going to end up in jail.” And I said, “Well, that’s alright. Jerry and Doris will probably come see me in jail. You guys will come and bring me a cookie or two, won’t you?” I said, “Guys, I’m just going to be honest with you, that’s not even funny to joke about.” I said this in front of all of them.

And I said, “I am prophesying to you guys right now; my God will deliver me. He has told me He will deliver me. I have done everything I could to be a fool for Him, to put it all on the line for Him, and to trust Him completely. I don’t know how, I don’t know when, but my God will deliver me.” Two days goes by. I’m standing in the kitchen, washing some dishes. My mom yells from the other room, “Michael, I have a confession to make to you.” I said, “What, mom?” “I read your Divorce papers. I went into your room with something, I saw them there, I couldn’t resist. I read them, but I skimmed them, because I was afraid you’d come in and see me doing it.”

She brings them out to the kitchen, and says, “Now that you know about it, I’m going to go back through them slowly.” I said, “Go for it.” She gets into it. She starts to share what’s in it. I said, “Mom, I don’t mind you reading my Divorce papers, but I’m not interested in rolling around in the mud with you. You want to roll around in the mud, you go right ahead. I know what it says. I don’t need to hear it anymore.” My stepdad agreed and said, “Yeah, Cindy, keep it to yourself.”

The next day . . . this will be the third day, this is September 18th now . . . she says to me something about something in the Divorce papers. And I said, “Oh, that’s not in there, Mom.” Or maybe I said, “That was in there.” I think it was something about an insurance requirement, or something. She goes, “No, I’m telling you, that’s not in there.” And I said, “No, you didn’t read the papers right. I have read these things, forwards, backwards, 25 times. I know they’re in there.”

“Michael, I’m telling you, you should get it and read it.” I went and got my Divorce papers. Keep in mind, they had been in my house for three days, I never read the Divorce papers. I come and sit on this couch in this very spot right here (Pointing to the spot next to him on the couch). My step-father was sitting right there (Pointing to a separate spot in the room). I began to read through the Divorce papers, and I’m going to tell you, it was the most unbelievable experience of my . . . it was like an out-of-body experience. I’m reading the Divorce papers, and I’m going “There are only a couple of pages left. There are only two pages left. There’s only one page left.”

Everything was gone. EVERYTHING WAS GONE from my Divorce papers. The impugned income was gone. The $10,000 in attorney’s fees, gone. The $10,000 equalizing payment, gone. The $200,000 life insurance, gone. The me having to pay to get my kids and pick them up, gone. Eight weeks of visitation, two four-day visits, gone. The 75% expenses, gone. All of it. Me having to check and get permission with particular babysitters, or sending my kids to the Y, gone. Everything was gone. And I began to cry my eyes out.

I jumped up from this couch, and I ran into my room, because I knew I was getting ready to have a meltdown, and then this is what my mother finds: (Cindy Huntley speaking.) I’m in the shower, and all of a sudden, I hear this sound. I get out of the shower, and I realize that it’s my son wailing again. This is only the second time I’ve heard this in my whole life. I hurry into his room only to find him laying on the floor, on his stomach, rigid, just wailing and wailing. And again, I hear, “Nobody is going to believe what You have done for me. Nobody will ever believe what You have done for me. I have to spend the rest of my life telling people, because it is a miracle. Everybody told me there is no way this could happen. You told me it would, God, and You did it.”

(Michael speaking from the couch in his parent’s house.) I couldn’t believe my eyes. Even though God had told me, all this time, He would deliver me, this was the most amazing evidence of God I had ever seen in my life. God supernaturally removed it. You say, “Well, Mike, how do you it wasn’t there?” The first person I called said, “Mike, how do you know they weren’t in the papers to begin with,” and I said, “Todd, I have every single copy of the Divorce papers since Day One. I can show you all of this stuff in it,” but God would cover even those tracks.

(Speaking about his ex-wife’s side.) Days later, from the shock, if you can imagine, when they had spent all that money to get this Divorce paper, and everything they had fought for is gone, everything they had lied about and put in the Agreement is gone . . . can you imagine what they felt? So, they had to file a “Motion For Clarification” – (Showing a copy of the MOTION FOR CLARIFICATION OF FINAL JUDGMENT and PARENTING PLAN.) – I’m going to make it scroll down the screen right now, so you can see where it shows “This was in the Proposed Final Judgment, it was missing or removed from the Final.” (Showing the Motion For Clarification sections e. through h., and j. through m., and n. through o.) Take a look. You’ll see. All of these things were in the Proposed Final Judgment, and now they have been removed, miraculously.

Keep in mind, I never told anybody what the things were that needed to be removed. I made mention of four things to the Magistrate, and said, “This is in there, this is in there, this is in there,” but he replied, “Can’t help you. You need to get somebody else to help you.” Remember? So, I was denied all of that. There were over 15 things that were removed.

Who would have known what to take out? It was done by a Judge who didn’t do the Final Judgment. Are you following me on this? This is where it gets amazing, okay. God miraculously removed . . . and you’re going, “Oh, Mike come on, I don’t want to hear this.” Listen, the story is not done yet. Don’t doubt, O ye of little faith. As doubting Thomas says to Jesus Christ, “Unless I touch with my hands, I do not believe. Unless I see Him with my eyes, I do not believe.” And Jesus says, “O ye of little faith. Come put your hand right here in My side.”

So, that day I went for a run, and I was so excited, I was sitting down with my papers on the back porch, sitting right there (Pointing to a different space), and I said, “God, there is something awesome about the date, Lord. Help me know.” I’m sorry I’m so emotional about this, but this was the most amazing thing. I said, “God, I know that You’re telling me something is unique about the timing of this, the date. What is it? I know there is something about these dates. Lord, help me understand. What is it?” I’m sitting there, and all of a sudden, God says, “Count the days.” And I’m like, “Count what days?” All of a sudden, I realize that God is telling me to count the number of days between the date that my ex-wife filed for divorce, which was July 30th of 2010, and the date that I received my Divorce papers on September 15th, 2012. It is 777 days, and I just cried my eyes out.

I’m like, “God, Thank You, Lord. You did everything You said. You validated me. God, nobody is ever going to believe this. This is incredible.” Do the math yourself. July 30th of 2010 to September 15th of 2012 (Showing a picture of the “Certificate Of Divorce” envelope that arrived in the mail on 9/15/2012, and the Divorce was filed on 7/30/2010 – “777” days – Praise God!) is seven-hundred-and-seven days.

Do you remember hearing me say, “God, there’s another “777.”? On the way home from Court, God would show me “777” sixteen times in one day. So, you can now see, God was setting this whole thing up to show me He was going to deliver me. It gets better.

I am wiped out. I am absolutely just blown away by what my God has done for me, and I get on my knees that night, and I’m praying, “Lord” . . . I’m right next to my bed . . . and I’m thanking Him. I said, “God, thank You for September 11th. Thank You for ending it on September 11th, 9/11. “He who dwells in the shelter of the most-high God will rest in the shadow of His wings.” Psalm 91:1.” And then I said, “God, thank You for the “777.” Thank You for doing this in 777 days, God, to validate all of the numbers, to validate all Your work.” And while I’m on my knees, God says, “Read page 777 in your Bible.” And I said, “God, I would’ve already read page 777. I would’ve already read it, Lord, when You showed me the number all those times. I would have gone and read that.”

But I literally said, “Okay, Lord, nevertheless, You told me to do it, I’m gonna to do it.” I opened up page 777 in my Bible, and immediately, when I looked, I said, “God, I now know why I wouldn’t have read page 777, because it’s not even Scriptures. It’s the Introduction to the Psalms.” (Opening his Bible to the Scripture reference.) And I’m going to show you this on the screen. I read these words, and I knew the God of the universe had delivered me, and had done it in such an amazing way that the promise that He had said to me, 18 months earlier, “Michael, if you will trust Me, I will deliver you, and I will do this is a way that is highly unusual that will bring Me much glory.”

Listen to these words . . . “Oh, God, help me read these words, Lord. Thank You, Father.” The second paragraph says, “Because God is the Great King, He is the ultimate Executor of justice among men (to avenge oneself is an act of the “proud.”) God is the court of appeal when persons are threatened or wronged – especially when no earthly court that He has established has jurisdiction (as in the case of international conflicts) or is able to judge (as when one is wronged by public slander) or is willing to act (out of fear or corruption). He is the mighty and faithful Defender of the defenseless and the wronged. He knows every deed and the secrets of every heart. There is no escaping His scrutiny. No false testimony will mislead Him in judgment. And He hears the pleas brought to Him. As the good and faithful Judge, He delivers those who are oppressed or wrongfully attacked and redresses the wrongs committed against them. This is the unwavering conviction that accounts for the psalmists’ impatient complaints when they boldly, yet as “poor and needy,” cry to Him, “Why have You not yet delivered me?” “How long, O Lord, before You act?”

Can you imagine what I felt in that moment, my friend, when I realize that this whole thing, where I had played the fool and believed these numbers, and believed that God was on my side, and believed this speaking was through the Holy Spirit, and the confirmation that God would deliver me, that He would do this without an attorney, that I could forgive my ex-wife, that I could not have to defend myself, that I could have no resources to help myself, and that God, Himself, would deliver me, and that I could trust Him . . . can you imagine how I felt? Can you imagine what this has done to my faith?

Now do you see why God has asked me to tell this story? Because this is not a Mike Chriswell story. This is a child of God story. This is a story about you, and about your heavenly Father, and about the enemy of your soul who wishes to steal, to kill and destroy. This is about you understanding that there is a devil who wants to wipe you off the face of the earth, who wants to destroy your family. This is about a devil who is behind a whole lot more things going on in your life, in your marriage, in your business, in your relationships, and in your finances than what you may be willing to understand, at this point. It’s about a God who is mighty and who is faithful.

He wants to be more involved in your life, but He is a gentleman, and He will not force His way in there. He wants you to take Him more seriously. He wants you to believe Him in a deeper way. He wants you to seek Him in a bigger way. He wants you to trust Him more than you’ve ever trusted Him in your entire life. Now, here’s the most exciting thing . . . and I just thank you so much for watching this. I get so emotional every time I tell this story. You would too, if you’d had this experience. God is so good!! God is so good, He’s so amazing.

What could He do in your life, if you trusted Him with everything you had? What could He do in your family? What could He do with your children? What could He do with your business? What could He do in your heart, if you trusted Him with everything you had?

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6.

(Sitting in front of the computer monitor – present day.) Seven years later, all I can say, when I see this story again, is “Wow! Wow! Wow! Is the Holy God of the Holy Bible, the great God, Almighty, the Father of our Lord, Jesus Christ . . . is He not unbelievably amazing? Is it not He who chooses the appointed time? Is it not He who is sovereign over all men, over all times, over all circumstances? Is it not He who tells the beginning from the end? Is it not He who can tell the future in advance and bring those things which are not into the reality in which they are? Our God is an awesome God.

I have learned so much more about what Father has done in this story, and I’ve learned so much more about our Father in heaven, the God of the Bible, over the last seven years since this story happened. But I want to tell you two quick things: I was so amazed with what God had done on my behalf, bringing Him my weakness, and simply obedience and trust, and I couldn’t see that this story would be trapped inside of a video file on a hard drive somewhere. So I took the time to assemble all of the pictures, the “666’s,” and the “555’s,” and the “777’s,” and the picture out of my Bible, and the amazing picture of that “777” day Divorce Certificate, and I blew them up into a collage of gigantic . . . like a 3 foot by 4 foot collage . . . that I have here on my wall in the house, so that no matter what I was going to go through in the future (Showing a picture of the collage on his wall.), no matter what difficulties and darkness’s I faced, I’ve created an altar in remembrance of all of God’s amazing faithfulness to me in my life.

“The LORD has established His throne in the heavens, And His sovereignty rules over all. Dominion and awe belong to God; He establishes order in the heights of heaven. “I choose the appointed time . . . Surely, as I have planned, so it will be, and as I have purposed, so it will stand.” Psalm 103:19, Job 25:2, Psalm 75:2, Isaiah 14:24.”

I’ve looked upon it many times in prayer, simply walking past it, and thanking God and bursting into praise, for the gratitude of remembering all of the wonderful things God has done in my life. It’s also served as an opportunity for me to tell other people who want to hear about my story in a quick way, and see it with their own eyes. There’s something so powerful about seeing this with your own eyes.

But I want to tell you one other amazing insight that God gave me about this story. Two years later, when I’m deep in the study of the teachings of Jesus Christ, I come upon John 14:12 through 14. This is where Jesus Christ taught that if those, like me, who had faith in Him would do what He has been doing, we would do even greater things than Him, because He is leaving and going to the Father. He said, “I will do whatever you ask, in My name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father.”

Now, do you remember God telling me in advance, “If you will trust Me, I will do this in a highly unusual way that will bring Me much glory.”? This is what Jesus’s first top priority was; “Bringing glory to Your name, God,” He says, and God says, “I have brought glory to My name, and I will do it again.” I became a little discouraged really trying to understand what Jesus meant by . . . is it really possible that people would do greater things than what Jesus did? I mean, I had never walked on water. I had never fed 20,000 people with a sack lunch before. And while I was praying that one day, I really had a deep sorrow and a lament in my heart, and I said, “Father, I’ve never done anything as great as Jesus. I’ve certainly never done anything greater than Jesus.”

Then, all of a sudden, it’s like God said to me, “Michael, what about the “777”-day divorce?,” and in that moment, God somehow or another gave me this insight by essentially asking me this question: “What do you think is more difficult, for Me to raise somebody from the dead in the blink of the eye, or for Me to arrange thousands of details over two years to have the result be a “777”-day divorce, which I had told you about in advance?”

As I began to meditate on this, I began to realize the staggering power of God’s sovereign hand to be sovereign over all circumstances and all people in all situations and all times in life. I began to realize that in order for God to tell me in advance that He was going to end my divorce on the 777th day, God had to look through the future and anticipate and know and see, by His omniscience, the thousands of details involved in hitting a “777”-day divorce. Think about my schedule. Think about the times that I couldn’t make Court. Think about my ex-wife’s schedule. Think about her two different attorneys that she changed, their schedules. Think about the fact that God had to anticipate in advance that our Divorce Judge was going to retire in the middle of our trial.

Think about the Court day closings, weather closings, national emergencies, holidays, the thousands of details over two years that God had to orchestrate, and it’s like God was asking me, “Michael, do you not see that that is much greater than raising someone from the dead,” and it was like I shrunk, and I said, “Yes, God, I see it.” But then I said to Him, “But Father, I didn’t do this. It says I will do greater things than Jesus,” and I said, “Lord, I didn’t do this.” And it’s like God said to me, “Read Verse 13.” Verse 13 says, “I will do whatever you ask in My name.”

So, look at what happens. Jesus says that those who will believe in Him will do even greater things than Him, right, but then He says, it’s not really you doing it. You are participating by your faith, but God is saying, through Christ, “I will do whatever you ask in My name.” Do you know what I had asked in the name of Jesus Christ? Behind the scenes, my prayer had always been, “God, my Father, please give me a story that brings You glory, God. Please, God, bring me a story that brings You glory, God. Please, God, bring glory to Your name. Let my life have evidence that You are the real God.”

I prayed for this, over and over and over again, and here God was telling me some two years later: “I will do whatever you ask in My name, that I may bring glory to My Father in heaven.” Our God is indescribable. Never let anybody cause you to doubt. If you want to know this God, do what I said in the passage earlier where I said to you, “John 7:17, when Jesus makes a promise, if you want to know, go do His will. Go learn the teachings of Christ. Bow yourself in deep humility before this God. Be sure of what you hope for and certain of what you cannot see.”

The Bible says in Hebrews 11:6 that without faith, it is impossible to please God. That means you have to go to Him even though you can’t see Him. Begin to put His teachings into practice, and the God of the universe, the One true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God of Israel, the Father of the Lord, Jesus Christ, my Father, can become your Father. And He can use your life, and do whatever you ask in His name, to bring glory to the Father.

I hope you’ve been blessed. May the Lord, Jesus Christ, bless you and keep you, and may He help you to know Him more and more, as you continue to seek Him in faithful obedience. I’ll leave this recording by simply saying, “WOW! Our God is an awesome God.” I’ll see you on the next video.