Part 1 - Trusting God in Crisis

Seven years ago, I sat down on camera and told the truly astonishing story of God's supernatural help and guidance through my divorce. Now, I'm sharing this video and some never before heard details of God's amazing grace during this crisis.

Part 2 - Let God Defend You

This part of the story is where God uses another person to speak to me about letting go of the battle and trusting God completely to defend me. In my commentary, I share how hard it was to overcome the temptations to defend myself against the most terrible accusation of adultery, and then the reward God gave me seven years later, for having not done so.

Part 4 - Partial Obedience is Not Obedience

In part four of this series... - God begins showing me 555's right behind the 666's. - God thwarts my attempts at delivering myself in court. - Starting to learn what 777 means - A major and costly failure I allowed in my obedience to God - A stern personal warning from the life of King Saul - "partial obedience is not obedience."

Part 5 - The Temptation to Deliver Yourself

In this video - intense temptation to deliver myself in adversity rather than trusting God - King David's incredible example of trusting God to deliver him - When God separates you from your Elijah - The climax of my suffering as I cry out in anger at God - The principles of waiting on God, keeping your eyes on Christ (not on your circumstances) and patiently enduring until God delivers us - admonitions for the coming crisis and increasing darkness in the world

Part 6 - The Miracle Morgan Freeman Missed

This is part 6 of the video series called "Trusting God Crisis - 7 Years later" This video turned out to be a personal message to Morgan Freeman after I recently watched his documentary series called "The Story of God". The 5th episode of that series was about miracles that occur among many different religions.

Part 7 - God's Painful Reversals

If you've been following along with the story in the Walking with God Through Crisis series, I've just finished telling the astonishing story of my miraculous 777-day divorce, which occurred back in 2012.