2013 May - Michael Chriswell Journal Entries

Part 1

  • Anxious thoughts about my finances yet resolving to trust God

  • Faith is a muscle that consistently needs to be exercised to keep it

  • The Lord confirms He is still with me financially

  • Learning not to put the 2nd greatest commandment ahead of the first

  • Being tempted to take a job because my finances are so bleak

  • Praying God will cancel the court hearing against me from my ex-wife

  • When God led me to start teaching the teachings of Jesus Christ

  • Terrible dream my ex-wife was attacking me and being held down in my bed

  • Why I no longer defend my faith with apologetics like I used to

  • Struggling to keep waiting for my future wife. Hope deferred makes the heart grow sick

  • Transitioning from thinking I am sinning against a "rule book" to sinning against a "person", the Lord

  • The need to change our expectations about what the "Christian" life entails

  • Great spiritual oppression coming as I press into the teachings of Christ

  • My pastor asks me to set down the ministry for a few weeks after I admit that I fell into sin

Part 2

  • See 10:10 followed by my first rattlesnake on the mountain

  • Wrestling with whether or not I'm supposed to appear in court in Florida because God hasn't provided the money for me to go.

  • Wrestling with my pastor's request to set down the daily videos for 3 months

  • Struggling in many ways as I work on the teachings of Christ, especially in my sinus/allergy health

  • Not accepting money from my parents to go to court in FL

  • God shows me the number 301 and two verses to teach me about how He is using "war" in my life to strengthen me

  • Anxious thoughts about my future wife and God shows me Number 9:19

  • Satan continues to harass me with the woman I "sinned" with.

  • Praising God that I've been able to endure as long as I have through such financial lack, with God's help

  • My faith is being strengthened so much through the difficult circumstances

  • Introduced to another godly widow and feel temptation to consider her

  • Wondering if God is using "the one He showed me" as a distraction from other women until He gets THE One ready

  • My mother kisses me and tells me how much she appreciates what God did by bringing me into the house

Part 3

  • Completely AMAZED how God is using numbers to guide me and how He uses them

  • Fully realizing that God is not testing me like this for any small reason, but that He is going to bring Himself glory through all of this

  • Finally realizing and walking in what the TRUE Christian life is really about

  • Revelations on Obedience to and Love for God

  • Another encounter with the woman I believe is my future wife

  • Deuteronomy 8:01 - God is really trying and testing my faith and I wonder if there will ever be "good" days ahead

  • The suffering of sitting still and waiting on God, feeling ineffective

  • God is stretching me more and more and it is so painful

Part 4

  • God tells me not to contact the other widow I was introduced to

  • God continues to warn me that Satan will attack me

  • Frustrations with my mom come back as she goes back to her old ways

  • Realizing how much God has strengenthed me IN the STORM of adverse circumstances in my life

  • Realizing I'm not "THERE" yet and I need more disciplining

  • Pleading with God to provide child support but realizing the Lord may be allowing this because they keep taking me back to court

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