2013 March - Michael Chriswell Journal Entries

NOTE: Be sure to listen to newly added Part 7 on the February 2013 entries, if you missed it. Click here: https://relentlessheart.com/trusting-god-in-the-wilderness-1/2013-february-michael-chriswell-journal-entries

Part 1

  • Chance meeting with ex-girlfriend in woods which leads to peaceful closure.

  • A gloriously encouraging day for the ministry

  • Another revelation about what "Church" means

  • Praying for God to give my custody of the children

  • God blesses me right after I start doing the daily videos

  • My personal circumstances contradict that God is with me and for me

  • Emulating George Muller's "cliffhanger" faith as my financial needs continue to grow

  • I should have QUIT by now, but by God's grace I keep going and I am in total peace in the face of great need

  • Revelations on Biblical "Secrets"

  • Revelation about speaking in tongues and praying in the Spirit

  • Realizing how much God has grown my faith and how much I can now believe Him for

  • God's work on earth is done through our prayers, not through our self-willed hard work

  • Lessons I'm learning from living by faith

Part 2

  • Small humbling financial blessings

  • My heart contradicts my circumstances

  • Ginny Souther testimonial comes in via email

  • Asking the Lord to promote the ministry in the face of so few results

  • Remembering how hard it was to learn how to trust God

  • Being TOTALLY 100% dependent upon the Lord

  • God answers my prayer to promote the ministry with a radio interview in Orlando

  • Revelations about those who have really strong faith vs. those who put God to the test

  • Putting together a meeting of those local people I'm ministering to

  • God tells me in advance that He has delivered me financially and then He gives me a free car

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