2013 June - Michael Chriswell Journal Entries

Part 1

  • Confused about two widows and God shows me to stay put

  • Wrestling with my desire to make a huge difference for the Lord and my fear of making my life too complicated

  • Come across two previous employers in two days and one offers me a job when I need the money the most

  • God is showing me 919 and 525 to show me to stay put and not move ahead with a woman

  • God encouraging me not to stagger at His promise for a wife, but to keep the faith and wait

  • God teaching me to overcome evil with good in my relationship with my mother

  • My children begin asking great questions about God and Christians

  • My mother responds positively to my humility

  • Satan interferes with my teaching the children about God

  • Children open up more about the verbal abuse coming from their grandfather

  • Praying for my enemies and asking God to be merciful to them and to give me wisdom on how to respond

  • Chelsea opens up to me about how her mom and parents are slandering me

  • Crying out to God for His presence

  • God allowing me to be tempted again in order to strengthen me

Part 2

  • Evidence that God is slowly changing my mother

  • Struggling with my desire to be loved by a woman

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