2013 July - Michael Chriswell Journal Entries

Part 1

  • Lights come on all by themselves while teaching the Children about the eyes being the lamp of their body

  • Continued struggles with my mom

  • My finances are now in dire conditions

  • Sitting in the woods in the dark with the children talking about fear

  • Being stretched further and tested more in my faith than at any time before

  • Learning to abandon my need for reason in order to obey God

  • Explaining to my daughter Chelsea the difference between the Old Covenant and the New Covenant

  • Asking God "How much more do I have to do to prove my faith?"

  • Struggling to manage my relationship with my mother because of her fear

  • Feeling like I am violating Scripture even though I know God is telling me not to get a job

  • Current insights looking back at my strong desire for a wife and why God was allowing me to suffer so much financially

Part 2

  • Turning down a friend's matchmaker attempt

  • Satan works overtime to keep us offended by others

  • Long Bible study with my 5 children ages 6 - 11

  • Some of the blackest and darkest days I've faced so far as a true follower of Christ

Part 3

  • The darkness gets even darker!

  • Feeling so low that I could crack at any second in my faith

  • My flesh is screaming to quit living by faith, but I know that God is in this

  • Hoping one day I'll look back on these recordings and be so thankful for God's grace

  • Begging God to speak clearly to me if I have heard wrong from Him and he answers WHILE I'm praying James 5:11

  • Feeling down after dropping children off from Summer visitation and God shows me He loves me

  • My circumstances don't show that God loves me but my heart and faith do

  • God fills me up with a bold faith in spite of my circumstances

  • Asking God to move on one particular man's heart to make a very large donation to my ministry

  • Becoming more and more thankful for the character development from all this suffering

  • Perservere! Perservere! Perservere!

  • My mom testifies to her friends that I am now submitting to her

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