2013 January - Michael Chriswell Journal Entries

Part 1

  • The frustrations with my mother continue

  • It is better to ice cold or fiery hot than lukewarm

  • After much prayer I see more 212's and 1101 regarding the woman I believe God is to give me as my wife

  • She accepts my friend request on Facebook

  • Small TV stations asks to play my story on TV late at night

  • Police officer gives me grace after a rolling stop at a Stop sign

  • The desire to teach against Once Saved Always Saved

  • A summary of providential events so far with the "woman"

Part 2

  • My faith is being tried and tested regarding a future wife and my finances and fruit in the ministry

  • God is building up my faith muscle by making me wait

  • Choosing to walk by faith and not by sight

  • God teaching me faith is being sure of what I hope for and certain of what I do not see

  • Praying for financial support everyday

  • Seeing a hurting woman in church and wanting to share the story with her

  • Confirmation about the 212 woman and her faith in Christ

  • How I end up being right even though I was often wrong

  • The revelation that I'll be with my children in heaven forever, not matter how much time we miss here

  • The question I would ask lukewarm Christians

Part 3

  • God tells me to confront mom on something inappropriate because she is calling herself a Christian

  • Confronting my mother about her salvation and going to hell

  • Satan blinds the eyes of unbelievers

  • Thoughts on living a life of faith and fear

  • Persevering in humble circumstances

  • Getting in God's love vs. Remaining in God's love

  • George Muller Faith with NO Money but God will provide

  • 666 warning followed by another legal letter.

  • My creepiest encounter with a demon yet after a terrible dream about my ex-wife

  • Struggling to wait for my promise of a wife

  • Mom's bondage to fear

  • More render problems for new version of video leaves me very frustrated

  • By God's providence I run into the "woman" again

  • When God becomes our greater desire, our lesser desires die

Part 4

  • Setting down my "tent making" business to focus entirely on the ministry work

  • Praying about my future wife, God shows me "Finish the work"

  • Hit with huge amounts of doubt and begging God to not let me be left as a fool

  • Asking God what He wants me to teach others in my ministry?

  • God severely trying my faith in the area of finances

  • Revelations on prayer and how it has changed in my life

  • I am having faith in God, not faith in faith

  • I am either the biggest fool I know or the most blessed I know

  • Increased parental alienation from my ex-wife

Part 5

  • Surrounding by 777's at the Fort Lauderdale Cruise Terminal before court hearing

  • Explaining how my faith is being influenced by Charismatic Madness

  • Struggling with re-editing and telling my story

  • Praying for God to give my custody of my children

  • A terrible ankle injury and how God used it

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