2013 February - Michael Chriswell Journal Entries

Part 1

  • My false healing experience at Reinhard Bonnke’s Gospel Fest in 2013, followed by teaching and Biblical truth on the subject of healing

Part 2

  • The actual recording from my phone at the Vero Beach Gospel Fest, which captured Daniel Kolenda speaking and praying 15 minutes before I thought I was miraculously healed

Part 3

  • Lowest checking account balance I've ever had

  • First small meeting with people who have watched my story

  • Asking God to provide for my finances since He asked me to trust Him

  • Another incredible deliverance in court from God

  • Mom continues to struggle with unbelief

  • Feeling the withdrawal of God's presence again

  • Circumstances again contradict my faith

  • Holding firmly to faith...encouraging myself to believe.

Part 4

  • Walking in darkness, the absence of God's light and guidance

  • More warfare as I start daily videos. My five year old twin daughter Kaley asks me why her grandfather always says mean things about me

  • God answers my prayer for finances. Moves on parent's heart to support my ministry

  • Still patiently waiting for a "break" since everything in my life and ministry seems to be being held back

  • It is the Lord's grace that gives me the ability to have this kind of faith

  • Pastor's father tries to play match maker for me. I have to keep the faith

  • God shows me a cloud the size of a man's hand regarding my finances after prayer

  • Mom and I have biggest blowout yet and I scream the "F" word in total frustration

  • God tells me to humble myself to my mother

  • Feeling despair over such little fruit in my life and ministry...wondering if I've been a fool

  • Fighting the good fight of faith and wavering between faith and doubt

  • The pressure is building to save myself from dismal results

Part 5

  • Call pastor's father to let him know I wasn't interested in any other women at this time

  • A talk with my oldest son Tyler about choosing my wife

  • Resisting my mother's attempts at promoting me and my ministry

  • God continuing to show me 616 and to keep the faith

  • I'm either the biggest fool or God is going to eventually provide

  • how God started calling me to the mountain and why

  • My parents are starting to really support and believe in my ministry

  • An interesting dream that illustrates what God has been teaching me

  • Chelsea tells me about an evil that happened to my son Nathan by his grandfather

  • Confusion and doubts coming back on me again about my teaching in ministry

  • Things I see wrong in Joel O'steen's new book about 31 promies for life

Part 6

  • Being confused about what to do after I received from an Oswald Chambers devotional

  • My ex-wife and her attorney will NOT give up and are now going to a different judge

  • God continues to show me 777 regarding each new court hearing to remind me He will deliver me

  • Learning more and more to stay put and wait on God

  • Running back into the attractive woman I saw hurting at church and tried to give my card to.

  • Feeling torn between two churches but unable to plant

  • Wondering if God has isolated me from others for a reason

  • Running into two New Agers

  • The most amazing confirmation so far about that "woman" I'm waiting for

Part 7

  • Everyone wants to know how will I "monetize" my ministry work and have my financial needs met?

  • God giving me specific guidance about trusting Him for my finances

  • God bringing me into the lonely place of TOTAL dependence on Him for Everything

  • Praying that Father always keeps me where I am dependent on Him for something

  • Asking people if they have evidence of their faith beyond just the paper it's written on in the Bible?

  • The happiest day I've had in 3 years! February 28th, 2013 The first fruit in the ministry...the first SALVATION

Part 3: This is the picture I am talking about in Part 3

Walking out of Staples at Colonial Plaza in Orlando, FL on January 31st, 2013 on way to 2nd Court hearing at Orange County Courthouse, where I would experience another incredible deliverance from God.

Walking out of Staples at Colonial Plaza in Orlando, FL on January 31st, 2013 on way to 2nd Court hearing at Orange County Courthouse, where I would experience another incredible deliverance from God.

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