2013 August - Michael Chriswell Journal Entries

Part 1

  • The darkness gets even darker!

  • Feeling so low that I could crack at any second in my faith

  • My flesh is screaming to quit living by faith, but I know that God is in this

  • Hoping one day I'll look back on these recordings and be so thankful for God's grace

  • Begging God to speak clearly to me if I have heard wrong from Him and he answers WHILE I'm praying James 5:11

  • Feeling down after dropping children off from Summer visitation and God shows me He loves me

  • My circumstances don't show that God loves me but my heart and faith do

  • God fills me up with a bold faith in spite of my circumstances

  • Asking God to move on one particular man's heart to make a very large donation to my ministry

  • Becoming more and more thankful for the character development from all this suffering

  • Perservere! Perservere! Perservere!

  • My testifys to her friends that I am now submitting to her

Part 2

  • Reading Bill Johnson's book, trying to pray in tongues, faith very strong

  • Tyler sees a demon for the 2nd time and children tell me about more parental alienation

  • Revelations about my witnessing to others

  • I pray for my friend's arm and he is healed

  • Anxiety about praying for a man with a limp arm at Starbucks

  • A warning about false teaching

  • Realizing God wants me to pursue the teachings of Christ and obedience, NOT the supernatural

  • Frustrating moment with my mother asking to borrow one of my books to give to a friend of hers who was doubting my mental health

  • God confirms for me to stay put even under my mom's increasing pressure to get a job, by using Numbers 9:19

  • Mom pressures me to take money from her to pay my child support but Father keeps telling me no

  • Praying for more people to be healed, including a man in a wheelchair

Part 3

  • Revelations on God's speaking voice in our life

  • The critical need of knowing that God knows and calls to you personally to follow Him in relationship

  • A new insight while giving to a homeless man

  • Waking up fearful about the recent court hearing and my finances

  • Under increasing financial pressure, my flesh is screaming to save itself, but I remain steadfast to stay the course and wait for God alone to deliver me

  • God honors my faith in difficult circumstances by showing me 555 several times in a few minutes

  • Resisting the temptation to pursue an attracive single mom that moved in up the street from us

  • God continues to tell me to finish the work, by showing me 811, which is 1 Cor 8:11

  • Satan ramps up attacks and distractions as I press into the teachings of Christ

  • Distinquishing between my flesh and the Spirit during temptation

  • Commentary about the numbers and how God is showing His exact heart and word on various issues in the Chrisitan life

Part 4

  • See 666 five times in one day and I know something evil is coming

  • A neat story about a boat disaster which confirms that God won't give us the power and annointing until He has secured our character

  • My financial circumstances are getting worse, but my peace is increasing as God continues to test me

  • Looking forward to the day I can use these recordings to encourage other Christians

  • The most mentally difficult thing the Lord has asked me to do so far is memorize the teachings of Jesus

  • Receive very nasty email and accusations from ex-wife after seeing the 666 5 times

  • Radical obedience to God never makes sense to your flesh and certainly not anyone around you

  • Forced to walk all alone with God, having no one understand my walk with God...not even a pastor

Part 5

  • God using my ex-wife's increasing anger to strengthen me

  • Holy Spirit convicts me to get rid of the recordings I made of my ex-wife's evil towards me

  • God teaching me to love others the way He does

  • Obstacles and fears to loving and serving others coming from SELF

  • Stories of my son Tyler seeing demons and angels

Part 6

  • My mother, in her unbelief, thinks Tyler is just making up the story of the angels and demons and brings up more unbelief towards me

  • Praying for people to have a God-encounter rather than being convinced through their intellect or pressuring them to believe

  • My mother accusses me again on not living in the real world and asks me if I think it's possible that I'm delusional

  • The day I deleted all my recordings and evidence I had against my ex-wife's evil behavior towards me, in love

  • God gives me deeper revelation on unforgiveness

  • More insights into my own journey and why God is allowing these things to happen

  • Obedience leads to suffering and suffering leads to the character of Christ

  • Surrender is NEVER as bad as we think it is!

  • Life to the FULL has nothing to do with my difficult circumstances in my life

  • Believing that I will one day see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living

  • Standing on Hebrews 11:1 until God comes through

Part 7

  • The longer the battle the sweeter the victory

  • Satan is attacking me in my dreams relentlessly

  • A passionate conversation with my parents trying to explain that God is seriously testing and I'm not deceived

  • Revelations on my weakness and yielding it to Christ

  • Revelations on why we are offended when people hurt us with their words or actions

  • What fear of the Lord looks like for me at this point

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