2013 April - Michael Chriswell Journal Entries

Part 1

  • The story of when, how, and why God allowed me to fall into a terrible sin

Part 2

  • Seeing God's grace in spite of my huge sin failure

  • A difficult call with the IRS, trusting God to provide

  • My son Tyler opens up about seeing demons and says he can see hate in his mother's eyes

  • The beauty and absolute need for embracing brokenness

  • A call to absolute surrender of your life and will to Christ

  • The most important voice in your life is God's not your pastor or godly friend

  • Sad call with children as parental alienation increases

  • Resolved to trust God to defend myself and the children against parental alienation instead of keeping a record of the wrongs for court

  • The peace that comes from knowing the Lord is with me in my troubles

  • More attacks from Satan using the woman I fell into sin with at Starbucks while I'm doing the Lord's work

  • Feeling pressure from my mom's friend to contact the woman I believe is to be my wife

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