2012 September - Michael Journal Entries

Part 1

  • Feeling anxiety about finances and possibly going to jail

  • Finding myself smitten by a woman sitting right behind me

  • Telling my mom what it feels like to be totally free from the world and all its desires

  • Calling our worldly loves (ie. sports) what God calls them (idols)

  • The true Jesus gets in the way of yours and other's lives

  • Trying to mix oil and water is exhausting and futile

  • We do not trust God enough to obey Him, but it’s the secret of the deeper Christian life

  • Some of the marks of a person who knows God

  • Asking God to show you the barriers to Him that you cannot see

  • The need to be persistent in finding God

Part 2

  • God using devotionals in a new way to train me and guide me

  • How I mistook my own imagination for the voice of God

  • How so many Christians get into disaster through compromise with someone they believe God will change if they just pray hard enough

  • Desiring God so much that I begin to open myself up to Charismatic madness and deception

Part 3

  • Focus on Christ, not on the Family

  • Personal revival is the key to community revival

  • What is so wrong with "Christian" counseling

  • Jesus never said come to me and I'll heal you. He said come to me and I'll crucify you

  • How is it that some people in 3rd world countries who have gone through worse suffering than us still have joy-filled lives in Christ without counseling

  • Seeing an sobering truth in the life of Championship athletes

  • Jesus is the only One who hasn't failed me

  • Spinning our wheels searching for successful techniques and the “life hacks” of men

  • God is teaching me the importance of obedience and finding true joy in it

  • God will not take you out of the uncomfortable situation you are in until you become comfortable in it

  • God bringing relief between mom and I

Part 4

  • Obedience must follow love, not the other way around

  • Why we lose the "Honeymoon with Jesus" feeling

  • Helping people to save time by avoiding "rabbit trails"

  • The shortest route to God making his "home" with you

  • We can't claim the promises of God without walking in obedience to God

  • I'm talking to you about a different Jesus Christ than you have likely heard about

Part 5

  • The hard teachings of Jesus are designed to blow out the half-hearted fans of his

  • How we can remain in the love of God

  • Renewing and strengthening my faith in the area of my finances

  • Signing up to be a fool for Christ in the eyes of others

  • Flaming arrows of doubts about telling my story

  • God is strengthening my faith through darkness

  • God teaching me not to manipulate people or circumstances to get my financial needs met, but trust only in Him

  • More validation that I'm doing what God has called me to do

  • God is staying silent in order to build my faith

  • Righteous indignation towards the darkness and idolatry in the world

  • Nothing brings me closer to God than prayer

Part 6

  • Computer crashes just as I'm gaining momentum on producing my story video

  • Prayer thanking God for the freedom in Christ I've longed for and for revival through my story and ministry

  • God is asking us to trade up, rather than just give up

  • Everything is backwards in the Christian faith from our natural life

  • Why all the suffering in my life is proof of God

  • Becoming the brother in humble circumstances who can take pride in his high position

Part 7

  • The greatest thing in the world to me now is the un-explainable presence of the Lord

  • People reject Christ because they have incorrectly pre-judged Him

  • How I felt receiving my final divorce papers

  • Do not judge my God by my circumstances, but by my heart

  • The Revelation of my 777 day divorce

  • How Satan used my mom's fear to attack me and try to flip me over in my faith

  • When God said, "No" idea for a part of my book

Part 8

  • My Miraculous Divorce Deliverance

Part 9

  • A story for my friend who is trapped in pornography

  • Enemy attacks me with terrifying thoughts about my ex-wife and my children

  • A very powerful prayer for my ministry and those who will be touched by it

  • God promises me that many will hear the new song He put in my mouth and what God has done in my life and put their trust in Him

  • Hidden consequences of disobedience and important lessons on repentance

  • My burning desire to see more people know Jesus

  • The night I met a beautiful woman whom I was smitten by

Part 10

  • Military power vs God's power

  • Reflections on the terrifying arrows being shot into my heart about my ex-wife hurting the children

  • Being surprised that Satanic attacks come so quickly after a miraculous deliverance of God

  • Revelations about why I've grown more outside the "church" than I ever did in the "church"

  • Christ said, "Abide in me, not in the "church"

  • Revelation on how our music choice reflects our heart

  • A terrible temptation to look back to my old life and ways in order to win over a woman as a man who provides

Part 11

  • Tempted by an attractive woman the night after I met "the woman" I'm waiting to have coffee with

  • The Amazing revelation on what God was trying to tell me with 11:11

  • God will not give us what He has new for us, until we let go of the old

  • God corrects me from being creative (crafty) in telling my story

  • Giving my anxiousness about my future wife over to the Lord in prayer

  • More prayer for fruitfulness in the ministry

Part 12

  • Will my coffee date with my "blue moon" woman happen?

  • Struggling to understand my friends' slavery to sin

  • Disappointed that I still have not heard back from that "woman"

  • I made a major mistake with the "woman" by my anxiousness

  • God shows me Hebrews 4:14 after my failure

  • Father confirms my call into ministry with Isaiah 61:6

  • Realizing that exploring a relationship with a woman right now would be a serious distraction to my work

  • God confirms for me to finish the work with 2 Corinthians 8:11

  • Satan is now using women to try to distract me more and more

  • Separate from the darkness all around you in people

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