2012 October - Michael Journal Entries

Part 1

  • Revelation that our stories are the hooks that God uses to fish for men

  • God uses Numbers 9:19 and Isaiah 50:10-11 to tell me to stay put regarding a "woman" and to obey Him and finish the work

  • Ex-wife's attorney files a new hearing for "Clarification of the Final Judgment" to try to turn around the victory God gave

  • Revelation that some people really are victims contrary to what motivational speaking teaches

  • The need to get people to run to God, not to men

  • Matthew 5:39 response to more parental alienation

  • Trusting that God sees all the wrongs done to you by others

  • My soul is beginning to relish in uncertainty because I trust God

  • The first time the Spirit gives me utterance for a stranger in prayer

  • Being accused of another health issue against my children form my ex

  • Being more thankful for my "thorn in the flesh" (my ex-wife)

Part 2

  • Parental alienation increasing and God tells me not to resist

  • Freedom and miracles follow forgiveness

  • God calling me to be bold and courageous to speak the hard truth

  • A respected friend tries to guide me in a direction different from what God has told me

  • God is making my road more and more narrow

  • Running into my ex-wife and realizing how thankful I am that God freed me from her

  • Teaching my friend Gustavo about 11:11 for his relationship

  • Sharing the Gospel in Starbucks

  • Feeling spiritual darkness in Orlando and how the world is trying to get me to cool off for Christ

  • God defines "good" gifts differently than we do

  • Thoughts about a friend struggling with pornography

  • Confronting a friend of mine who is still chasing "Ideas"

Part 3

  • Important revelations about how I believe my story proves God

  • The American Dream comes from Satan, NOT God

  • The huge importance of doing, not just hearing

  • What if you walked away from everything for Christ?

  • God opens a tightly closed door for me to see the children

  • A conversation with a friend about needing Jesus in the heart

  • A wonderfully blessed visit with my children

Part 4

  • Who was Norma Grey and why she was so special to me

  • Norma’s beautiful prayer for my future wife

  • Wanting people to know that I'm a very normal person and not special

  • Feel darkness and confusion about my what God is telling me

  • God uses 10:10 to lead me to John 10:10 letting me know I'm under attack

  • The battles make me totally dependent on Him which I am learning to love so much

  • The deeper meaning and blessing of John 10:10

  • His strength is becoming perfect in my weakness

  • I don't deserve this kind of help and guidance from the Lord

  • Having anxiety after seeing 222 10 times in one day and then the reason why

  • Seeing lots of 666's and then ex-wife tries to schedule hearings after I've left town

  • Divine encounter with friend about John Eldredge highlighting spiritual warfare in my story

  • Praying for a car and finances so I can do full-time ministry

Part 5

  • I get a phone call from my ex-wife's boss finally vindicating me after several years

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