2012 November - Michael Journal Entries

Part 1

  • Indignation about the worldliness all around me at Starbucks

  • More threats and harrassment coming from my ex-wife's legal team

  • Tired of hearing about myself in producing the story Trusting God in the Storm

  • Realizing I cannot go long at all anymore without prayer and Bible time

  • I have yet to meet a successful Christian business man where I could see that Jesus Christ was the true love of their life.

  • Legal assaults just keep coming even after we are divorced

  • The 666's show how much of a spiritual battle we are in

  • The enemy wants us to react to the evil he does to us through others

  • Handling spiritual conflict from my mother

  • If you are not being persecuted your relationship with Jesus is likely off

  • God's voice can sustain you in any storm

Part 2

  • Asking for God's wisdom in conflicts with mom

  • The first time Father taught me about John 7:17

  • You can only know the truth that will set you free by obedience

  • Counseling and encouraging a friend that his depression may be spiritual and not physical

  • Mom not understanding my faith in God regarding finances and causes conflict

  • Ex-wife increasing parental alienation restricting my phone access to them more and more

  • The running accident which left me with a terrible ankle injury

  • Confirmation from friends that I'm on the right path

  • Learning to be still before my accusers and trusting God alone

  • How much do I share with the children about their mom's evil choices towards me?

  • Chelsea reading Psalm 103 with me, at eight years of age

  • Dropping children off in FL and seeing such religious hypocrisy in my ex-wife that it is shocking

  • How I'm dealing with the oppression of my mother's false god, her material possessions

  • Another example of how the Lord speaks to me (222)

  • Recognizing the worldly spirit behind most music and the impact it has on us as Christians

  • Believing I'm good enough, in Father's eyes, for a Kari Jobe type wife

  • God challenging me to believe Him for His best in a wife

  • Realizing my relationship vulnerabilities after being thrown away by my first wife

Part 3

  • God gives me revelation on Matthew 7:11

  • My message pleading with mega-church pastor Isaac Hunter to humble himself before God in his sin

  • God reminds me to preach the message of obedience

  • The need for a special place for prayer

  • Expressing the desires of my heart for my future wife

  • God teaching me to ask, seek, knock

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