2012 May - Michael Journal Entries

Part 1

  • Most Christians choose the safe path and miss the rewards.

  • What running the narrow path requires

  • The necessity of experiential faith

  • More insights on why we need discipleship and not counseling

  • Anxiety from having to attend a business conference

  • Learning to Trust God entirely for the Results in your life

  • Struggling to start teaching, while I'm still learning so much

  • I took the long way to fullness in Christ, but you don't have to

  • My commitment to get back to the simplicity of our faith

  • The saint must walk alone

  • Confirmation on Who I am to serve with my discipleship program

Part 2

  • Admitting and fighting against my evil selfishness

  • My Biblical response to my sin

  • Fighting the temptation to manipulate someone else to meet my needs

  • The simple answer is to give myself up

  • Feeling such a strong burden to call people out on their half-hearted Christianity

  • Facing the consequences of my pre-marital sex and disobedience

  • The gripping fear of giving myself up, and not having my needs met

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