2012 March - Michael Journal Entries

Part 1

  • God reveals His Jealousy through my own and He is giving me an experiential faith.

  • 3/24 - Seeing 666 6 Times in 7 to 8 hours. Satan beginning to bring opposition to my discipleship training program.

  • It is God's mercy that we are not promoted before we are ready.

  • A. W. Tozer Insights and Revelations about true and false believers

  • How God is teaching me by the Holy Spirit and then confirming things by the words of Godly men.

  • Without Obedience we will never know the Presence and Power of God

  • Christians have a love affair with the world and then wonder why they don't have fullness in Christ.

  • My prayer for God to turn men from the world and to Himself.

Part 2

  • The need to intentionally train ourselves to become Godly

  • This recording captures the early inspirations of what would eventually become the John 7:17 Challenge

  • We talk about God as if he is a subject, not a person, as if He was a "dead author"

  • I've learned more about my personal relationship with God outside the "church" than inside

  • Do you love the Lord? How do you know? What is your evidence?

  • Planning ideas about the discipleship program

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