2012 June - Michael Journal Entries

Part 1

My Garden of Gathsemene Experience of Deep Anguish

Part 2

  • In church we are taught it's about believing, not obeying

  • An aggravating "Catch 22" in the Christian faith

  • Christianity in the flesh is impossible

  • The Two Biggest Obstacles for Christians

  • Giving up the World is not enough

  • Trying to figure out what stage I'm at in my walk

  • Revelations about what it takes to be complete in Christ

  • Lessons learned from my relationship with my girlfriend

  • Revelations on what "Perfect Love Casts Out Fear" means

  • The Great Evil is our own Self Life

Part 3

  • God confirms my greatest need is to deny myself

  • Children on vacation with $100 illustration

  • After prayer for more suffering, it comes through my son telling me that a life long secret of mine has been revealed to him by my ex-wife

  • Pursuing Knowledge vs Faith

  • Why Psychology should have no place in the life of a Christ follower

  • Why the Scientific approach of proving God falls short

  • My mother struggles to understand the message of "giving myself up"

  • Modern day idolatry and a test you can use to see if something is an idol to you

  • Quenching and Grieving the Holy Spirit

Part 4

  • The seriousness of denial in the Christian's life

  • The importance of asking God to show you the dark spots in your heart

  • Insights on child-like faith vs pursuing knowledge

  • Sacrifice: Saint vs. Politician vs. Professional Athlete - What's the difference?

  • The need for discretion

  • Changing my behavior to make Christ more attractive

  • God shows me partial obedience is not obedience

  • Praying God not to bless my ex-wife until He's done using her to afflict me for the growth

  • Gratitude to God for the suffering that is uniquely mine

  • Mysterious absence of Satan in recent weeks

  • Another reason being a Christian is so hard

  • How important it is to be in the moment

Part 5

  • Revelations on making false meaning in our stories: Narrative Fallacy

  • Understanding the role fear has played in my relationships

  • Realizing my sufferings are killing SELF

  • Willing myself to learn to love selflessly

  • The motivation to give self up

  • Realizing that God's love is still not made complete in me

  • Realizing that I need to learn and intentionally obey Christ's teachings

  • Contrasting the world's ways with the ways of Godly men and women

  • Consciously realizing that every person I meet is an opportunity to represent the light of Jesus Christ

  • Thoughts on being "all things to all people"

  • Serving others is serving Christ

  • The gap between what we hear in Christian music and our daily reality

  • Being consciously aware of the two natures in you

  • My character flaws show so vividly when compared to this movie scene

Part 6

  • A practice message to others about my passion about discipleship

  • Engaging spiritual warfare with specific Scriptures

  • God shows me that I've gone to an extreme thinking that all my problems with my girlfriend are my selfishness, when in fact she is lacking discretion in some key ways.

  • Lesson from Dog eating my three day old Oakley Sunglasses

  • Ups and Downs of the Christian life

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