2012 July - Michael Journal Entries

Part 1

  • Realizing the need of intentionally walking in the fruits of the Spirit

  • Reflections and insights on what happened regarding my relationship with Jill

  • God teaching me to be still and be a son

Part 2

  • Lessons from my faith failure in divorce court

  • Battling my mom's unbelief and antagonism towards my faith

  • Learning to not take the advice of those around me, but to seek God’s counsel alone

  • Incredible guidance through an Oswald Chambers Devotional

  • Willing to allow myself to be wronged or cheated in order to trust God

  • Choosing to be a fool for Christ

  • Satan attacks me through my mom right after a great time in prayer on the mountain

  • Revelations about my suffering and comforts both of which come form the Holy Spirit

Part 3

  • Tempting thoughts to find pain relief with my ex-girlfriend

  • Participating in the sufferings of Christ, something no Old Covenant believer could do.

  • Realizing true justice comes in the next life, not this one

  • If I try to escape this pain, I will also escape the character

  • The Spirit shows me that my ex-wife is being used in my life like a Pharaoh

  • I'm all alone, there is no one who can help me now but God

  • Confusing happiness with joy

  • Knowing what it means to despair even of life

  • A Summary of my current sufferings

  • God's amazing providence confirming Matthew 5:39 over and over

  • Seeing LOTS of 555's that God will deliver me

  • Good message at church about righteous indignation and the feminizing of Jesus

  • Validation of my righteous indignation and passion towards the things that offend God

Part 4

  • Feeling anxiety about meeting a Christian business man

  • Asking God for wisdom because I'm too open to what other may want to do in my life

  • Receiving contradictory "Prophetic words from the Lord" from two different people

  • Confused about my work life/ministry life balance

  • Important revelations on God's Fatherhood

  • Father teaching me to "ask, seek, knock" continually and to depend upon Him fully in prayer

  • Brokenhearted after my meeting with a worldly entrepreneur who calls himself a Christian

  • A Summary of the divorce court story and injustices so far

  • The intense conflicts between my mother and I increase

  • Receiving a terrible blow of more false accusations and feeling like giving up on my faith in Christ

  • Tempted to find pain relief and just take a job

Part 5

  • The irony of someone wanting to interview me about my "success", not realizing I'm now a total "failure" in the eyes of the world

  • Trying to live in the New Covenant with the promises of the Old Covenant

  • Feeling like God has me in a vice, putting the squeeze on me

  • God testing me to see if I will deliver myself or stay put trusting in God alone

  • My physical body is weakened by all the suffering

  • Sensing Father is writing a wonderful story in my life that is not yet finished, hence why I haven't been ready to tell my story or make videos yet

  • Real transformation only comes through suffering, not teaching

  • Growing in discernment as I meet with professing business "believers"

  • Increasing pressure from others to "do something" and to stop waiting on God

  • The key principle for me in this season is to endure

  • A growing burden to begin sharing what I'm learning so far in my walk with God

  • Torn between two interpretations of my story, one of which makes NO sense to my flesh or my parents

  • Insights on why God is not allowing me to get a job

  • God answers my prayer to confirm I'm on the right path

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