2012 December - Michael Chriswell Journal Entries

Part 1

  • Summary update

  • Feeling compassion for my ex-wife's attorney after all the attack

  • My Achilles heel is false accusation but God has strengthened me

  • Recalling some of the wonderful ways God has changed me

  • The Christian life is so much more simple than I ever understood

  • A simple illustration of what it means to Surrender to God

  • It's incredibly difficult to be a true Christian in America

  • Very detailed dream about meeting the "woman" then see 212 right after praying for a wife

  • The beginning on an epic spiritual battle trying to prevent me from rendering my story Trusting God in the Storm

  • The day of small beginnings in my ministry as the story is finished

  • God has made me poor so that others may become rich

  • It irony of truly having nothing, yet possessing everything

Part 2

  • Reflections on the soon launch of my story video

  • Praying fervently for God to open my mom's eyes

  • Reflecting on the financial disasters I made because I tried to save myself

  • Seeing never before seen spiritual attack against my producing this story

  • Very indignant over my mother's obstinate unbelief

  • God is arranging my circumstances and holding so many things back

  • God showing me 811 and telling me to finish the work

  • Prayer for large impact of the story before it launches

  • Believing that 1 million people will watch the story video

  • Satan bringing all kinds of flaming arrows of doubt about my story

Part 3

  • A terribly frustrating call with my old boss from the motivational speaking business

  • Satan tempts me with a very exotic looking woman at Starbucks

  • God shows me John 7:17 again

  • God uses the story to save someone from a second suicide attempt on the day of launch

  • A prophet has no honor in his own home or town: disappointing results from friends and family watching the story

  • Do not despise the day of small beginnings

  • God teaching me to ask specifically for what I want

  • Satan comes with his biggest sexual temptation yet

  • My children are being told I'm the devil by their grandfather

  • My children will have a real life example of New Testament Faith in my life through these recordings

Part 4

  • Feeling compassion for my ex-wife and her mother and father regardless of what they have done to me

  • Revelation and illustration about spiritual blindness

  • Seeing 7:11 and 11:11 so much, regarding my desire for a helpmate

  • God warns me about the Exotic Egyptian woman with 727

  • God shows me 212 three times regarding the "woman" I'm interested in

  • The need to persist in prayer

  • Realizing God no longer showing me certain numbers anymore because I don't need them

  • Laughing at what God says to the angels about me in heaven

  • Feeling tired, worn out, and needy. Asking Father to refresh my spirit

  • God shows me 747 and shows me he wants me to teach this to others Luke 7:47

  • The Spiritual 411 for finding God's guidance

  • Anxious to "get out there" and start helping people, but Lord is telling me to wait

  • Revelations about the problems others are facing that prevent them from knowing God

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