2012 August - Michael Journal Entries

Part 1

  • Being afflicted in everyway and glorying in my suffering

  • My mom and I's biggest confrontation ever!

  • God giving me supernatural guidance and comfort in my pain

  • Father is breaking me of all my self-sufficiency

  • Outside pressure to get me to disobey God

  • All income doors are being closed before me

  • Realizing suffering that roots out SELF takes years, not months

  • So confused about my work situation and what looks like idleness in my life

Part 2

  • God uses my son Tyler to give me divine guidance

  • Conflict with my former business partner and best friend

  • Measuring an accusation against the fruit in the person's life who presents the accusation

  • An eye opening moment contrasting my old life (worldly success) with my new life (spiritual success)

  • Realizing I can no longer pray the Old Covenant curses on my enemies as David did

  • Still missing my ex-girlfriend and praying for her

  • Drop the children for what will be the last summer visit with them ever

  • So thankful for the compassion that the Lord has given me for my #1 enemy

  • The Lord tests me by connecting me with "successful" people from my old life

  • A divine encounter with an old friend who is working for Reinhard Bonnke

  • Sensing spiritual attack and receive 2 Thessalonians 3:3

  • God training me to pray in faith, to believe I have received what I have asked

  • God confirms He's been showing me Revelation 2:2 with the number 202

Part 3

  • A story about what God wants me to do in the next court hearing

  • A story of how God used a friend of mine to reveal to me that I have a very specific purpose

  • A surprise reunion with my children at their school and a test of my new heart before my enemy

  • Negative call with my children. Satan's attacks on them are working

  • Being spiritually attacked repeatedly at 3:00 am in the morning and in my dreams

  • The truth about binding and loosing Satan

  • An open door with the production department at Christ for All Nations (Reinhard Bonnke)

Part 4

  • Insights after my meeting at Reinhard Bonnke's CFAN Ministry Headquarters

  • God speaks to my heart while standing behind a large production camera in their studio

  • Huge inspiration from Bonnke's book to live a life of faith

  • Making a determined decision to trust God in my life of faith from this point forward

  • It is too easy to not trust in God living in the United States

  • Scuba diving: The deeper Christian Life Metaphor

  • My ministry message: To Him Who Desires Me, He Will Find Me

  • My attitude should be a reflection of God and the certainty of His Truth

  • God shows me dozens of times the number 404 and then shows me my ultimate purpose in ministry

  • A vision of me pleading with people to believe God loves them

  • Revelations on the old Michael Chriswell vs. New Michael Chriswell, as it relates to walking with God


  • God will rarely force His way into someone's life. Paul may be an exception

  • The Lord asks me to set down masturbation and a certain music I've been listening to

  • Still not feeling released from my ex-girlfriend and hoping God will change her heart

  • Faith only works when we ask according to God's will

  • My current thoughts about Reinhard Bonnke

  • New insights on knowing God internally

  • Suffering makes God's promises real

  • God telling me to stand firm regarding seeking justice from the Magistrate in the divorce

  • Impossible obstacles rise in the divorce situation

Part 6

  • Let us never talk about God as if He's not here

  • Planning for my ministry

  • More fervent prayer for God to turn my ex-girlfriend's heart to Him

  • Feeling a dread to go back home to my parent's house

  • Feeling a new calm towards my mother that I've not previously felt

  • God begins to make me so sensitive to the hurting around me and the lost

  • Sensing my ministry has a spirit of reconciliation to those who once knew, but have drifted away or gone cold

  • God uses a divine encounter with the band Unknown Lyric to confirm my purpose in Job 4:4

  • Divine encounter with a man named Bobby Junkin

  • Friend gives me a false prophecy about my ex-girlfriend

Part 7

  • Summary of divorce injustice so far and having strong faith that justice will finally come

  • Confirmation that my story is my ministry

  • Enrolled in the school of faith

  • All I need is the presence of God

  • The inside out approach to knowing God

  • I am completely obsessed with God

Part 8

  • God bringing more people to me that I can help

  • My mom and Satan are trying to scare me into believing I'm going to jail

  • Effortless boldness and fruitfulness is pouring out of me

  • Recognizing that there is now an anointing on my words

  • The two works that seem to occur in the life of all believers

WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! Part 5 is NOT suitable for children to hear. It contains testimony regarding sexual issues, including masturbation, which may even be offensive for some believers to hear. If you are easily offended by this level of transparency, PLEASE DO NOT LISTEN to part 5. I share these recordings to help the thousands who have contacted me with painful struggles in these areas. Thank you, Michael

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