2012 April - Michael Journal Entries

Part 1

  • Feeling a deep call to turn people from Idolatry

  • The rise of Spiritual incompatibility between my girlfriend and I

  • God is changing my thinking to what people would call "Radical"

  • A hypothetical trip to heaven to hear what Father would say about your love towards Him.

  • The need to ask for the Holy Spirit

  • The desire to go to men, rather than God

  • Going back to the simply teachings of Christ and believing Him to change you

Part 2

  • The Revelation of the Flesh being irretrievably broken

  • Walk by the Spirit, instead of trying to fix the flesh

  • Solving the confusion of Romans 7

  • More Revelation about Counseling vs Discipleship

Part 3

  • God testing me in the area of finances

  • Satan uses old client to tempt me back into marketplace

  • Revelations on modern day idolatry

  • Asking ourselves honestly how much do we truly love God

  • Insights on truly knowing God

  • Parental alienation kicks into high gear

Part 4

  • Insights while watching Oprah Winfrey and T.D. Jakes Life Class on TV

  • My prayer and confession of sexual sin to God, asking for forgiveness

  • Many new insights about Spiritual Warfare which came from a year of intense spiritual warfare.

  • Increased spiritual attack while reading the book, Kingdom of the Occult

  • Recognizing the childhood root of all my insecurity

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