49 - 2019-05-27 - What a Doubting and Weary Day for Michael Feels Like

In this recording, I share another sincere and heartfelt email from a woman who very much seems to be walking with the Lord through her own difficulties. She too has some advice for me, but this time it’s the reverse of the last email. From this woman’s perspective, Persis is the problem, the devil is using her to wear me down, and I should stop holding on to her and get her out of my life as soon as possible.

This email presents all of us with another unique opportunity to test our discernment. Could this lady be right? Could this be a message from God to me? What if it was sent to you? What would you do? How would know if this was true? She sounds like a sincere and faithful follower of Christ, just like the last woman who told me Persis’ problem was all me and that I was filled with hate and pride that I just couldn’t see…how can we know?

In the rest of the message, I openly share about some more of my doubts and weariness.

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