57 - 2019-06-10 Insights about the Dying Church and Loving My Wife Too Much

In this recording, I cover two different subjects. First I share the insights Father has given be about the aging and declining state of the Body of Christ. Secondly, I share deeper insights I have been given about what it means to have “inordinate affection” for something or someone and how I’ve come to realize that I’ve indeed been guilty of loving my wife Persis too much.

Please keep in mind, that Father did not allow all that He has allowed to happen in this story so far, simply because I loved Persis too much. This is only one of MANY Romans 8:28 purposes He has had for allowing all of this to happen. Nonetheless, this is an important lesson that applies to many of us!

The author and book I make reference to in this recording is called “A Token to Mourners” by John Flavel, a godly Puritan man who lived in the 1600’s.

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