54 - 2019-06-02 - Revelation on God Allowing Shame and Controversy in My Ministry

“Be not ashamed therefore of the testimony of the Lord, nor of me his prisoner” (2 Tim. 1:8). “And he abode two whole years in his own hired dwelling, and received all that went in unto him. ...teaching the things concerning the Lord Jesus” (Acts 28:30).

”The Lord grant mercy unto the house of Onesiphorus: for oft he refreshed me, and he was not ashamed of my chain; but, when he was in Rome, he sought me diligently, and found me” (2 Tim. 1:6).

Clearly the effect of these passages is that there had to be a Divine apprehension and not merely a human appraisal of Paul’s position. Human levels of mentality would have produced an atmosphere of doubt, suspicion, question, and would have let in elements of false imputation. Regarded on merely natural lines, association with the prisoner would have involved such associates in the suspicion and prejudice. Doubt of the Lord’s servant was very widespread, and even many of the Lord’s people were not sure of him. But the Lord was shutting up a very vital revelation to this channel, and for such as were really in spiritual need, and such as were to stand in a living relation to fullness of testimony from identification with Christ in death and resurrection, on to throne-union with Him, power over “Principalities, Powers” etc., and on to the ministry “in the ages to come”, there had to be a putting aside of all human, personal, and diplomatic considerations and a standing right in there with the instrument (God’s servant) where God put it in honorable imprisonment. For possession of which is to come through the vessel, there has to be a coming where the vessel is, without consideration for reputation, influence, or popularity.

In this way the Lord sifts His people and finds out who really is wholly for Himself and His testimony, and who is actuated in any measure by other considerations and interests. The instrument in this position of popular rejection is thus the Lord’s means of searching, and it will thus meet their need.
— T. Austin Sparks - http://www.austin-sparks.net/english/000689.html

God’s Providential Timing

I have seen countless times where as I’m preparing a message I receive an email that speaks to the exact issue I’m preparing to discuss or teach on. This has been happening for years as a wonderful confirmation that Father is at work in both myself and the brother or sister in Christ with the need. This has happened with this message. The recording at the bottom of this post was recorded on June 2nd, 2019. The email below was received on June 4th, 2019, while I was in the middle of editing the recording. How glorious is our Father in heaven!

Hello Michael,

I'm Jenny (name changed for privacy). I came across one of your videos last year that spoke to me and helped me a lot. I gradually started watching more of your videos, not in a sequence, but according to what I needed at the time. I also learned a great deal from your videos and persevering to practice them.

When I came to know that Persis is your wife and that she is from Andhra Pradesh, it kind of hit home for me because I was born and raised in Chennai and although not from AP, we are close by and we have a lot of people from AP living in Chennai. I'm 23 years old and currently living in Australia where I have no family and I struggle with home sickness and loneliness. I live with people who speak the language Persis does, Telugu, and I go to a Telugu church here in Melbourne. I however don't understand or speak Telugu but I've been trying to learn the language. The videos of walking into the impossible where you had clips of the Indian streets, markets and apartments were so pleasant for me to watch and adore and brought me back to my days in India and how badly I miss them. I was amazed with your story as well of how God brought you both together. 

Anyways, I'm just going to get to the point of this email. Michael, as you know now there's so much controversy over you after you released the new series of Apostate Bride of Christ and the way you have conducted these things and even your desire for a third wife. I am not leaning into either direction.

However as a young growing believer I have the desire to have a good mentor, a man or a woman who preaches out of their own personal walk with God and of course is the real deal. However every preacher that I end up listening to is a false preacher according to someone else and the reasons can be very convincing sometimes. This has put fear/confusion/doubt in me. There is so much difference of opinion over so many things and every preacher that I look up to is called false by someone or the other. So much division and doctrines and deception. Most of them seem 90 percent real but it's hard to ignore the 10 percent that isn't. I have my whole life ahead of me a whole journey of learning and suffering and believing.

How am I supposed to take on this journey with no reliable mentor? I don't hear from God as much as you do. So it's easier for me to listen to preachers who have been in similar situations and have listened from God and have been victorious in their Christian walk. However with so much controversy over the life and teaching of preachers what can young Christians like me do? I want the real deal I desire the unadulterated Biblical truth. I feel like a sheep with many shepherd pointing in different directions. Should I just avoid all preaching and wait and listen from God only?

The recording shared by the mom and her son in this message is shared with permission.

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