46 - 2019-05-20 Satan's Continued Attacks Against the Work and Cleaning Up After a False Prophet


PLEASE READ: I need to divert from the main story and share another story which serves as a warning to all of us, especially new believers. The young sister’s recording that I share in this recording is shared with her permission. Her name is Yensy. She and I had traded emails and I had a made a few recordings for her all the way back in 2017.

In 2018, while I was on a break from the ministry, another one of my active subscribers, of at least two years, named Lacey M. Pierson took it upon herself to begin gathering some of the subscribers of my channel, to her self, in nothing short of a start up “cult”, even telling people that they all needed to move in with her in Chicago. A few moved from other countries to move in with her and several were on the verge of doing so before they finally saw the danger signs.

Paul warned about this exact thing in Acts 20:30

“I know that after I leave, savage wolves will come in among you and will not spare the flock. Even from your own number men will arise and distort the truth in order to draw away disciples after them. So be on your guard!”

Quite a few young people, college age, were being drawn to her teachings and what she was calling “The Little Church”. Several of them had discernment and although she was preaching the same things I had been preaching, they knew something wasn’t right and eventually they found the 2% rat poison among the 98% truth she was teaching.

They realized she was a false prophet, claiming God was speaking to her about all kinds of things, including what color to dye her hair, when she would have a baby even though she’s not yet married, even including where Michael and Persis Chriswell were going to be moving, which according to her was Tennessee. God apparently told her this was going to happen so that all of us “true followers” of God could live in one big happy commune together happily ever after! I don’t think this young woman is old enough to have read about the likes of Jim Jones, David Koresh, or Bhagwan Shree Rajneeshl but she is headed down the exact same path of gathering in the “Kool-Aid” drinkers.

She stated on a video, that I have in my possession, “Jesus talks to us about Michael and Persis all the time and about why they are not moving to Austin”. But, I guess He forgot to tell her that Persis had completely fallen away from the faith, starting two and a half years earlier. And He also forgot to tell her that our not going to Austin, was just a delay, but that about 90 days later He would tell us it is now time to go!

Naturally, her remaining followers are now posting on my comments from Jeremiah 8:10 that God is punishing me and is going to take my wife away and give her to another man. Mind you, this is all coming from a woman who made many dozens of enthusiastic comments on many of my videos over a two year period, but now that I have confronted her on her evil ways, I am the devil and everything I say is false.

I am exposing the dirty deeds of Satan in all of this! He gets away with far too much in the dark. Let it all be exposed by the light so that it become visible. Let us all take warning from this and from what God says about false prophets who prophesy out of their own delusions in Jeremiah 23:9-40. Please go read it. It’s very scary!

When these brothers and sisters saw the light and began leaving one by one, they contacted me to explain their story and what happened and how they finally saw the truth of how dangerous this young lady was.

I tried to ignore this whole situation for a time, but after several more contacted me, I made a recording and confronted Lacey with a gentle but stern recording telling her to repent of her false prophesying and leading young sheep astray. According to her comments on someone else’s video, she was told by God not to listen to that recording and she never replied to my email. Here is that recording.

I sent these young brothers and sisters a link to a website which showed how to identify a cult and told them they would likely be shocked when they compared their experience with Lacey with the list. Here was the reply of one of those young women.

“Woaaahhhhh.... every. single. one of those points she hits. It feels like that article was specifically written about our situation. Even the money one... Ethan told Lacey he’d give her his trust fund (money given to him for college education) after he turned 18 to help start establishing the “little church” in real life. And she told us not to listen to Zac Poonen, AW Tozer, Paul Washer, etc. I was so so blind to all this.  I’m beyond thankful that we escaped before we actually went to Chicago, which was a solid plan of Ethan and I at the time. All I could do yesterday was start crying to Father during my prayer walk and thanking Him that He has mercy on us to help escape.”

I then made a recording to one of Lacey’s “supporters” who had apparently left her abusive husband in another country and moved in with Lacey at God’s direction, but my warnings were again ignored and the reply was that I was wrong and a hypocrite.

According to Jesus in Matthew 18:17, that is when you “tell it to the church” and I have done so having “many witnesses” that have emailed me about this woman’s dangerous, false, and cultish practices. Here is my short recording to this false prophet and teacher Lacey M. Pierson. I no longer believe she is just deceived, but that she is indeed a deceiver, and others need to now be warned. Many young people could be saved from the devil’s trap with this warning.

This young lady Yensy, who came out of Lacey’s group, was letting me know how much she was now suffering with doubt about me as a true man of God because of all that Satan filled her head with through Lacey'‘s attacks on me.

All of this is a part of Satan’s tactics to constantly distract and stop this work, but like Nehemiah, I continue to work with a laptop in one hand and a sword in the other. Nehemiah 4:17

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