29 - 2019-03-01 - Wrestling against My Thorn in the Flesh

We who are alive are always being given over to death for Jesus’ sake, so that his life may be revealed in our mortal body.
— 2 Corinthians 4:11
To keep me from being becoming conceited because of these surpassingly great revelations, there was given me a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me.
— 2 Corinthians 12:7
  • My evil flesh wants so badly to be free of my cross and thorns

  • Praying and pleading with God for strength to carry my crosses and endure my thorn

  • Asking God if I could exchange my thorn

  • I know I would drift into pride and self-exalting if He took my thorn away now

  • Trusting Father as child because He knows best

  • Asking God to give me the wisdom to endure my crosses

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