30 - 2019-03-05 - Persis May Be Leaving, But God Gives Me Hope for Repentance

Recording 1: 2019-03-05 (00:00 - 11:29) - Persis Tells Me She May Not Be Coming With Me

  • Long talk with Persis where she opens up about how miserable she has been

  • The Lizard and Polar Bear Analogy

  • Agreeing to end the relationship peacefully if she leaves

Recording 2: 2019-04-03 (11:30 - 32:22) - God Giving Me Hope for Persis to Come to Repentance

  • Powerfully anointed time of prayer

  • Explained my heart issues to Persis and that I could die at any time

  • Pleading with God to bring Persis to repentance

  • God then leads me to a Scripture about Persis’ coming to repentance

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