27 - 2018-11-10 - The Climax of Persis Apostasy and the Lessons Learned So Far

This recording is a summary recap of the entire story, which includes new details not previously shared. Also, this is the part of her journey where she reaches full-blown apostasy. The recording ends with me reflecting on the lessons and blessings I’ve seen so far in this experience which has tried my faith so much.

  • Learning to trust in the Sovereignty of God over all circumstances

  • Background story on Persis Christian journey

  • Seeing the miracle work of Christ in my heart to keep my mouth shut

  • Her biggest stumbling block has been seeing how many counterfeits there are

  • I no longer have a right to judge my wife because she’s not a believer

  • Telling Persis about God warning me about her with Matthew 11:6 and John 9:39

  • God gave me a promise about her. He is going to destroy the wisdom of the wise

  • The wonderful lessons and blessings that have come from this so far

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