25 - 2017-12-03 - Revelations on What God Calls Good Gifts in Matthew 7:11

In this mountain trail journal entry, I capture fresh insights the Lord is teaching me about my wife and her spiritual condition and why Father has allowed this to happen in spite of how unthinkable it has been. Some of my thoughts and parts of the story are being repeated here in this entry, but there are plenty of new and fresh insights layered among them.

  • Questioning God’s goodness and wondering if I made a mistake

  • The Greatest gifts come with thorns

  • Persis was the perfect wife for me

  • These afflictions are becoming gifts

  • Will I believe what I see or will I believe God?

  • How Jesus feels when His Bride walks away in unfaithfulness

  • Satan was trying to use my wife to get me to compromise and become lukewarm

  • Now willing to have unity around the lies

  • Praying God will grant her repentance

  • The signs contradict my prayers and my hope

  • My wife has a spirit of anti-Christ in her.

  • She has become to me like Alexander the metal worker was to Paul.

  • God is working all of this together for good.

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