22 - 2017-11-03 - God's Wonderful Reasons for Allowing the Spiritual Disunity in our Marriage

It is from suffering that the strongest souls ever known have emerged; the world’s greatest display of character is seen in those who exhibit the scars of sorrow.
— Chapin
The mark of rank in nature is capacity for pain, and tribulation has always marked the trail of the true reformer. It was true in the story of Paul, Luther, Savonarola, Knox, Wesley and the rest of God’s mighty army. They came through great tribulation to their power.
— Mrs. Charles Cowman

In this journal entry, God begins giving me more and more revelation on why this is happening with Persis and our marriage.

  • The great need to keep a man humble after God blesses him

  • God has answered my prayers to keep me low

  • Persis is no longer trying to force me to believe what she believes

  • God’s promise that my life is secured and arranged in every part

  • The greater evidence that God indeed put this marriage together

  • Fully realizing I can do nothing to open my wife’s eyes

  • Choosing not to despise the Lord’s discipline

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