17 - 2017-08-03 - A Supernatural 21 Day Reconciliation

Recording 1: (00:00 - 13:28) - 2017-07-21 - Frustrated with No Progress After 3 Weeks

  • Bizarre weekly hugs from Persis are a picture of the body of Christ going to "hug" God on Sundays

  • Persis asks why I'm not giving her affection

  • We have nothing in common any more

  • God will have to do a miracle

Recording 2: (13:29 - 22:04) - 2017-08-01 - The God Who Answers By Fire is the True God

  • God keeps telling me to tell my story...finish the work!

  • God keeping me in perfect peace as I do what He asks.

  • Whichever God answers by fire is the right God.

  • Emails thanking Persis and I both

Recording 3: (22:05 - 59:48) - 2017-08-03 - 21 Day Reconciliation and Miracles of the Heart

  • Overwhelmed by God's goodness and sovereignty

  • God's Sovereignty in our times of separation

  • God Brings supernatural reconciliation on Day 21

  • The greater miracle of God changing YOU, not your circumstances

  • Learning to love my spouse without getting anything back

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