15 - 2017-07-27 My Faith Being Tested as Persis is Becoming like Lot's Wife

Remember Lot’s wife!
— Jesus Christ - Luke 17:32

Recording 1: (00:00 - 13:00) - 2017-07-24 - Persis Gives Me a 10 Min. Hug after being by herself for 14 days

  • Persis staying in her room for 14 days straight

  • She gives me a 10 min. hug on Day 14

  • Unable to connect to my wife physically when her heart is not right with me

  • The grace for reconciliation is still in my heart

Recording 2: (13:01 - 18:30) - 2017-07-25 - My Mom wants to save Persis

  • Mom leaning on her own understanding

  • Walking according to the Spirit, not a Bible Verse

  • Resisting the temptation to try to rescue my wife

Recording 3: (18:31 - 24:58) - 2017-07-27 - My Faith is Being Tested

  • It would be less painful if my wife left me

  • God does not want the external parts of our life apart from having our heart

  • God desires obedience, not sacrifice.

  • God does not force His bride into loving obedience and neither will I force mine.

Recording 4: (24:59 - 42:51) - 2017-07-27 - Persis is looking back, just like Lot's wife

  • She is despising all the blessings of God in her life

  • She has become good for nothing

  • Praying God would cast out all demonic activity from her.

  • Message to Persis about her and the Bride of Christ being help captive by fear.

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