14 - 2017-07-19 Persis Reply, Revelations on Her Rebellion, and Trusting God's Will

This recording is three journal entries combined:

Recording 1: (00:00 - 03:33) - 2017-07-12 - About Persis' reply to my recording in part 13

Recording 2: (03:34 - 22:05) - 2017-07-17 - About my revelations on Persis’ rebellion

  • Men have lost their place in Christ and women have lost their place in marriage

  • Father using the friction in our marriage to strengthen my faith and my resolve to obey Him

  • Persis’ rebellion against me in all things spiritual

  • A picture of the Body of Christ…nice on the outside, but a rebel in the heart

  • God calling me to be still and wait for Him to act in this

  • Strong temptations to confront her even though she is blind

  • God is teaching me long-suffering through all of this

Recording 3: (22:06 - 41:19) - 2017-07-19 - Trusting God to Change Persis’ Heart

  • The highest level of faith is to suffer God’s will

  • Increasing temptation to confront Persis

  • Taking up my cross daily

  • Remembering previous times God has defended me

  • The shock of this experience for a minister of God

  • Prayer for Persis’ repentance

  • Christ blessing me with His peace

  • The Lord gives and the Lord takes away

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