06 - 2016-10-12 Persis Stands Against Me Wanting to Tell Our Marriage Testimony

At this time, I had been re-united with Persis in Hyderabad, India but it hadn’t changed the fact that Satan gained so much ground while I was gone. He is still doing that right now with the Bride of Christ, while the bridegroom is “gone”.

In this recording from our front porch in India, I begin explaining the terrible pain that came from realizing Persis did not want me to tell our marriage testimony, or even to publicly acknowledge me as her husband.I struggle to discern how to respond to this. Shall I give myself up? Or, shall I present my strong case to her from Scripture?

Father had many insights He wanted me to learn from this, including a more intimate understanding of how Christ feels when we do not want to publicly acknowledge Him as our Husband, and how Christ felt when He said, “I honor my Father and you dishonor me.” (John 8:49)

NOTE: As you now know, I ended up submitting to Persis in this way and did not tell our marriage story until three years later as told in the series, “Walking with God into the Impossible”. To not tell the story then, would have been disobedience to God, just as it would be for me to not tell this part of the story as well.

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