03 - 2016-05-14 Persis Is Being Tormented About My Children

In this recording, I have already married Persis in India and returned back to the United States to begin her US Visa process. We have no idea when or if we will ever be able to be together again, other than God’s promises to us. During our period of separation, Satan began attacking both of us again, finding our weak spots and exploiting them. Persis was being tormented with incorrect thoughts about my children from my previous marriage, and no matter what she tried, she could not get the thoughts to stop. Things got so bad, that I feared I might lose my wife before I ever got to be re-connected with her. This journal recording captures those details.


Three years after this recording was made, Persis has still never even seen or met my children. All of her fears were completely unfounded lies of Satan or her own imagination, and served only to attempt to destroy what God was building into our lives. Just think of all the things “Christians” worry themselves to near death over that never even happen. All of that time, and all of those emotions, and all of that potential usefulness to God was in fact, stolen, killed and destroyed. John 10:10

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