DAY 89 - Don't Be Afraid to Walk with God into the UNKNOWN

Am I being courageous to share the word of God and my testimony, so others can see the light?

33  "No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden, or under a bowl. Instead he puts it on its stand, so that those who come in may see the light. - Luke 11:33


In this context, we are the lamp because Jesus has lit us with His word and His Spirit.  Some then say, “My religion is personal, I don’t talk about God out loud to folks…I keep it to myself.” This way of thinking violates this very teaching of Christ.  The word of God has power and can drive out the darkness in someone’s life and penetrate their heart, but not if we don’t know it or share it.  We are to be children of the light.  Take the risk even if you are afraid and watch God work.  Don’t hide His word or your testimony.  He will help you.

In the beginning it can be scary to step out and be bold for Christ, but here is the beautiful thing I discovered.  When the Holy Spirit prompts me to do something, as soon as I take the first step, He gives me the grace to go all the way.  I usually have to overcome a little fear and take the risk and then He supplies the power.  One time my friend and I were leaving his office and we ran into his eighty year old landlord in the lobby of his law firm.  He’s seen by most as quite an intimidating attorney and business man.  He began talking to my friend (his tenant) about his “GD golf swing, his GD this, his GD that.”  His secretary was also standing by listening as he continued talking trashy.  At one point he mentions he has cancer.  I feel the prompting, “Offer to pray for him.”  I wait for my chance and jump in.  “Tell me more about your cancer…are you scared?”  I listened and then explained I’m a man of deep faith and have seen God do awesome things and would like to pray for him.  He agreed and we all bowed our heads right there and I prayed.  He came up from the prayer looking and sounding like a completely different man.  He looked at my friend and said, “I’m humiliated… you never told me this
was a man of God standing here while I’m talking all of this trash…now I feel really ashamed.”  

This amazed me and my friend.  Here I am, this little nothing person compared to him, but the Spirit of Christ in me overcame my weakness and brought light to the darkness.  Days later, my friend ran into him in the parking lot and the man brought up God and his interest in thinking more about the teachings of Jesus Christ.  This doesn’t happen every time of course, but oh if we could only learn in our hearts, that He in us makes us the majority wherever we go.  If we live godly we don’t need to be stopped by our fear of man.  We may have to move forward in fear and trembling sometimes, but we can trust God to be strong in our weakness!