DAY 42 - What Happened to the Golden Rule?

Do I treat others, in every situation, the way I want to be treated?

12  So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.

INSIGHT:  Jesus did us such a wonderful favor by sharing this teaching with us.  It takes much of the complexity out of understanding how to live as a Christian in relationship to others.  For the most part it is just this simple.  Do you want forgiveness—forgive others?  Do you want to be trusted—be trustworthy to others?  Do you want others to listen to and respect you—listen to and respect others?  Do you want to be loved—give love to others?  Again, we reap what we sow (Gal 5:6-7).

I used to own an online interactive training business with my ex-wife, where we helped subject matter experts to create and sell their online training material.  When my wife decided to leave the marriage, she kept control of the business administration and finances. Within 7 months, the business became a victim of the divorce and I was left with the phone calls from clients who wanted to know how I was going to fulfill my obligation to them.  Even though I no longer had access to anything financially or contractually with the company, I was the company to them, so they came to me.  Most of the clients were easy to take care of, but one of my favorite clients, James Brown, needed a huge amount of training material migrated to an entirely new system. The issue fell into a very gray area in his contract that did not seem to demand my involvement, but it would be very difficult for him alone.  I was an emotional mess and didn’t want to have to do this.  Just tying my shoes was a taxing event some days.  During some difficult email correspondence between myself, my ex-wife, and him, one time he simply wrote, “All I ask is that you consider whether or not you are treating me the way you would like to be treated?”  In the end I was deeply convicted, and I decided I needed to help him.  He was greatly pleased and ultimately so was I, but more importantly so was the Lord.