DAY 32 - Finding the Blessing of Contentment

Am I experiencing deep contentment or is my soul still hungry?

35  Then Jesus declared, "I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.  

INSIGHT:  It’s completely normal for unbelievers to have hungry souls, but I also know what it means to have a hungry soul, as a believer in Christ.  You don’t make the kind of entrepreneurial sacrifices I made because you are content.  I lived most of my life convinced that my true happiness was just in front of me (the carrot).  I just knew I would be content when I made that next huge deal, reached the next level of revenue, found that next key employee, got the business to run without so much demand on me, bought that next dirt bike, or finally got my wife to return my love language.  What a devilish delusion that was.  I was caught in the hellish snare of needing “God and ________”. 

There is such a place you can get to with Christ that you will be content with God alone, and have need of nothing else.  You may have some desires, but none that you cannot live without, should God not see fit to provide them.  Try to imagine how your life, your activities, your career, and the way you spend your time and money, might all change if all of a sudden you felt perfect contentment in your soul with God alone?  Most people cannot even believe this is possible, but I will tell you my friend, as A.W. Tozer taught, there is such a blessedness of possessing nothing.  That doesn’t always mean that you don’t have anything, but it means that in your heart you live detached from all things, as a steward rather than an owner.  There is nothing God could take from you, which would result in the end of you or your happiness.  Often times it seems that contentment comes as a result of our genuine surrender to discontentment.  When we surrender to it, and stop our grumbling, Christ gives us contentment by His grace.  Godly contentment provides incredible freedom to your soul, because it allows you to live detached from all things.