20 - Obstacle 9: Distorted or Incomplete View of God

When someone is struggling with trusting God and finding peace, it’s usually because they have a distorted view of God’s ways (Ps 95:10-11). 

A man contacted me after seeing my story on YouTube.  He was a believer in Christ, but was in the midst of terrible divorce pain and scared to death about his future.  He couldn’t sleep and was ready to give up on life, when suddenly...

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19 - Obstacle 8: Poor Understanding of Satan

Satan’s Main Strategies:

·          Make some people think he doesn’t exist
·          Make others think he’s behind everything bad
·          Perverts the truth or blinds us from seeing it
·          Uses false teachers to preach 99% of the truth which creates the biggest undetected lie
·          Makes things that are evil seem good, and things that are good to seem evil (perversion)
·          Uses fear to ensnare people and to prevent them from living a life of faith to please God
·          Creating offense between people which easily leads to a stronghold of          unforgiveness/bitterness
·          Elevates our pride which is detestable to God
·          Attacks in our weak spots and at weak moments

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18 - Obstacle 7: Poor Discernment and Understanding

I am very sensitive to this subject because I lived for so many years as a simple minded fool, who thought the only keys to life success were enthusiasm and a positive attitude.  I was the “poster child” for Pro 19:2-3.

In the last two years, I’ve been intimately exposed to the life stories and Christian walks of at least 100 people, from all different places.  After seeing my personal testimony, they reached out to me for advice or encouragement, and openly shared their struggles.  I learned a lot from listening, but I was very disturbed to discover...

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17 - Obstacle 6: Unforgiveness Towards Self or Others

Are you struggling with the shame and guilt of a sinful past? I understand firsthand how defeating this can feel.  One time I put myself in a dangerous place and fell into sin, yielding to a temptation that I felt for sure I was strong enough to avoid.  God had even warned me in my spirit beforehand, but because of my pride, I continued on and suffered terribly for it. After I fell, I begged God in tears for His...

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16 - Obstacle 5: Current Sin or Past Sin Failures

When we knowingly live in sin, it robs us of God’s best blessings now and of eternal life later if we stay in it.  If we call ourselves “Christians” and we are still living in or “struggling” with some stubborn known sin, Jesus says, “Stop sinning or something worse may happen to you." (Jn 5:14). 

We must call sin, “sin”, and stop making excuses.   This is VERY serious and if we... 

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15 - Obstacle 4: Living in Your Own Strength

As disciples, we know we are supposed to “strive to enter the narrow gate” (Lk 13:24), and so we set out enthusiastically to do so.  Then we wake up one day and feel completely exhausted in our battle against sin, our efforts to serve, or our efforts to find joy or produce fruit.  We know something is wrong.

Our striving is killing us and then we read Mt 11:28-29 and we go….huh?  ...

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14 - Obstacle 3: I Can't Find the Time for God

This seems like such a good excuse to some because some people, such as working moms, are legitimately very busy.

However, Jesus will not accept this as an excuse for not following Him because He knows that the real issue is not a matter of time, but of prioritizing the desires of our heart.

He knows that we can always find time for the things that are truly important to us, and those are usually things that will quickly make us feel good. 

The true issue can be seen in giving someone the choice between...

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13 - Obstacle 2: The Fear of Giving Up What You Love

Most people become fearful when they see some of Jesus’ teaching such as “…any of you who does not give up everything he has cannot be my disciple.” -Lk 14:33or “The man who loves his life will lose it, while the man who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.”- Jn 12:25

If I were trying to help someone quickly get over their fear of this, I might say, “Hellooooooo, we’re talking eternal life in exchange here….!”  But, in some cases that doesn’t seem to be enough for people who are still living according to their natural man, or who have been uninformed by lack of teaching, or misinformed by false teaching.  So, let’s consider the following five perspective-changing insights....

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12 - Obstacle 1: Religious Legalism or Hypergrace

The teachings of Jesus Christ are not just nice words; they are commands that must be followed if we are to count ourselves as true disciples, worthy of eternal life, and life to the full here.  However, as we begin this journey, there are obstacles in our way.  If they aren’t identified and removed, “Christians” may spend years exhausting themselves in a joyless, fruitless, busy, but going nowhere walk. 

Many experience this and don’t even realize it.  But, when they are able to finally...

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