14 - Obstacle 3: I Can't Find the Time for God

This seems like such a good excuse to some because some people, such as working moms, are legitimately very busy.

However, Jesus will not accept this as an excuse for not following Him because He knows that the real issue is not a matter of time, but of prioritizing the desires of our heart.

He knows that we can always find time for the things that are truly important to us, and those are usually things that will quickly make us feel good. 

The true issue can be seen in giving someone the choice between eating a cookie or a piece of broccoli when they are really, really, hungry.

Even though the cookie has no health benefits whatsoever, and actually causes harm to your body, most will choose the cookie because it provides a quick “high” which makes you feel good.  Even though it’s an artificial high and it won’t last long, and even though there can be long-term health consequences for making this a habit, most still choose the cookie over the broccoli (my favorite vegetable).  The broccoli leads only to good benefits, but they are long-term and we can’t feel their effect immediately.  The cookie provides fast, but temporary pain relief, at the expense of long-term health. 

This exact same principle applies to our walk with God.  Walking with God is a lot like eating broccoli.  It is always good for you and leads to true life and health, but it doesn’t always provide instant pain relief and pleasure to help numb our daily emotional pains and unmet desires.  It takes time.

Twenty minutes of pornography yields a much quicker “pleasure” benefit than twenty minutes of prayer.  The long-term consequences are devastating and will even lead to the loss of eternal life for many who keep this habit (Mt 5:27-30), but so many foolishly ignore the long-term consequences because they are starving for short- term so called “relief”.

Each time we choose short-term pain relief, we are choosing to walk farther from Christ and into deeper darkness.  This is the truth, not a metaphor.

We say we don’t have time for daily Bible study and prayer, but God looks down from heaven and sees “busy” people still finding plenty of time for eating lots of “cookies”.  They are spending hours on Facebook, watching T.V., drinking, socializing, exercising, recreating, watching sports, shopping, building their business, etc.

Just as broccoli eventually yields tremendous health benefits, eventually creating inner satisfaction from doing the right thing, so it is with putting God first.  There are tremendous rewards for doing so, but they don’t always happen right away, and the very best will be waiting for us in heaven.  The more you keep yourself full of good stuff like broccoli, the less you will desire and want to yield to the temptation of the cookies.  Got it?

It’s never been an issue of time; it’s always an issue of priorities.  Wisdom says, “The future pain of regret far outweighs the present pain of discipline.”  Wisdom also knows that if it stays filled up with broccoli and doesn’t allow itself to get too hungry, it’s much easier to avoid the temptation from the cookies.  And so, Wisdom chooses to eat the broccoli regularly; will you?