05 - The Keys to the Mountain Top

I live in a town (Huntsville, AL) full of rocket scientists, and I grew up in a town (Cape Canaveral, FL) where astronauts took flight on the rockets they created. Rocket scientists know everything there is to know about propulsion, except the actual experience of it.  Astronauts, however, know propulsion by experience—they have found out.  Not many scientists have the courage or the heart to actually experience propulsion.  There is a much greater sacrifice required to find out, but there is also a much greater reward.  And so it is in the Christian life.  If an astronaut must put on his suit before he or she can experience deep space, we must intentionally and diligently put on the words of Christ before we can experience the deeper life.

We may not like to hear it at first, and we may have some poor misconceptions about the word, but God has tied every good thing we need to obedience.  True salvation is evidenced by it (Matthew 7:21-27,Hebrews 5:9), answered prayers (John 15:7, 1 John 3:21-22), freedom from sin/addiction (John 8:31-36), sensing his presence (John 14:21-23), knowing Him (1 John 2:3-6), feeling loved by Him (John 15:10), having peace (Phi 4:9), gaining wisdom and understanding (Psalm 111:10, Mark 4:23-25), knowing His will for your life (Ps 25:12-14), gaining his favor (Psalm 5:12), protection and warning (Psalm 19:11, Isaiah 54:17), and being fruitful and joyful (John 15:5-11).

It is costly to follow Jesus, but please trust me; there is a world of difference between suffering for Jesus, and suffering apart from Him as a carnally minded and/or disobedient “Christian”.  Once you finally break through the veil of self and enter into the holy of holies with Him, you will no longer remember any so called sacrifice.  On the contrary, you will experience a love and a peace from the Father so intimate and personal that it will float you above every single trouble and circumstance you face in life.  Do you believe it?  It is my actual experience!

My friend, don’t let unbelief rob you from experiencing God’s deep love for you.  He gave you a personal will and you can hinder His love in your life by exercising your will against His.  God will not force your hand; you must choose to let go of your will and trust His.  I am experiencing God’s indescribable love for me, His presence, and His guidance on a daily basis, not only because I desired it, but because I believed it was possible.  Do you?