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Michael’s autobiography

A detailed account of God’s dealings with me on my journey to finding life to the full in Christ.

once saved, always saved?

A verse by verse journey to find the truth & remove the confusion from the doctrine of eternal security.

divorce and remarriage

Restoring Biblical balance to the “God hates divorce” message by looking at the “also writtens”.


In this document, I take on the KJV ONLY "Defenders", point by point, in their accusations that the NIV is a perverted translation.  I also share a principle of Christ and personal testimony that puts a final nail in the coffin of their misled arguments.  


Can you imagine having the very best of the Proverbs, the Teachings of Christ, and the Principles of Spiritual Maturity all on 31 pieces of paper as a 31 Day Devotional.  This is the "meatiest" paper you will ever hold in your hand!