Do You Count It All As Rubbish?

Another clue that tells us if we honestly know God or if we just know about Him, is how we feel towards the things that are important to unregenerate men.

Are You Obeying God or Others?

Another question we can visit to determine if we are moving closer to knowing God rather than just knowing about Him, is this.  Who are we obeying?

How Often Do You Talk to God?

In accordance with Paul's teaching in 2 Corinthians 13:5, the next question we'll look at in examining and testing ourselves to see whether we are really in the faith is, "how often do you talk to God?".

10 Questions to Examine and Test Your Faith in God

Does something seem "OFF" in your relationship with God? Is it possible you know "about" God without actually knowing Him? Paul admonishes ALL of us in 2 Corinthians 13:5 to examine ourselves and see if we are really in the faith and if Jesus Christ is REALLY in us. Here are 10 practical questions you can use to examine your faith.

You Accepted Jesus, But Has He Accepted You?

In this message I would like to share what I believe is the MOST IMPORTANT END TIMES MESSAGE in the Bible, making peace with the coming King in Revelation 19.  As most of us know, contemporary evangelism today has told us, "All you have to do is accept this humble meek and kind little Jesus...just accept Jesus and you'll go to heaven."  The problem is that there are many Scriptures that tell us that just because a person accepts or comes to Jesus that doesn't mean He will accept them and the even bigger problem is that He is not coming back as the humble meek and kind little Jesus with love and tolerance for all.  I want to show you in Scripture what is going to happen to those that are not "accepted" by Jesus and I want to show you a little understood parable of Christ, which tells us exactly what we must do in order to make terms of peace with the coming King of Kings in Revelation 19.  There are some frightening things to consider in this message.

How Exactly Do I Walk With God?

In this message I've imagined that you and I have just sat down for a cup of coffee and you asked me, "Ok Michael, tell me the practicals of walking with God...what exactly did you do? How often did you do it, and what spiritual disciplines did you do consistently?  What did you do when the darkness and doubts hit you, and were there any spiritual secrets that helped you to find the abundant spiritual life with Christ?

Why Won't God Just Give Me What I Want?

Most atheists believed in God at one point, but when they prayed and asked God to save them or their family member from abuse or a terrible crisis and He didn't answer them, in the time or the way they wanted Him to, they soon decided that the reason He didn't answer is because He isn't there!  Most Atheists are very angry with God because of what He didn't do for them. Sadly enough, there are many professing Christians who aren't much different than the atheists. God hasn't give them what they wanted so they are upset, frustrated, and even grumbling against God.  Why won't God just give you what you want if He's such a good God?