The REWARDS of Obeying God Even When it Doesn't Make Sense

I share these stories with you so you will BELIEVE God and patiently wait for Him.  This is another powerful and undeniable evidence in my life, from four years ago, that you can NEVER go wrong when you OBEY God!  Obeying God is always a sacrifice in the beginning.  This is what tests our faith in Him and proves to Him that we believe Him and want His will over ours.  God's blessings and promises are almost always hidden behind, long periods of waiting, darkness, circumstances in life or even guidance from Him that COMPLETELY contradicts the promises, and persecutions from others for believing the promise.  Today's video is a perfect example of the matchless FAITHFULNESS of our Father in Heaven to His children who follow Him wholeheartedly!


WHY CAN'T I HEAR GOD? When God is silent it can be frightening, especially if we have great need. In this message I'd like to share some reasons from the Bible and from my own journey why God goes silent and how to determine if it's discipline or a blessing. Often times silence is a path the great to blessing.


YAY Under Grace We No Longer Have to Obey the Commands of Jesus

There are those who believe and teach that we no longer have to obey the teaching of Christ after He died because He lived under the law.  They teach that when He died grace came and we are now under the dispensation of grace.  They teach that we no longer have to obey the moral law. There is a theological term for this.  It is called "Antinomianism"   Here is a Biblical reply to this foolish and destructive belief....