Proof We Are Deceiving Ourselves Without Absolute Surrender to Christ

I really believe the rich young ruler will have more dignity in hell than many of us professing Christians. He too refused to fully surrender and follow Jesus like most believers, but at least he was fully committed to choose one side or the other.
— Michael Chriswell

Let him who has ears to hear, hear.  - Jesus Christ

The lives of Millions of so called professing Christians show that they do not actually know and experience the real Jesus.  They try hard to look like Jesus when others are around, but inside they are nothing like Him.  They sit in churches or bible study groups all around the world coming to a watered down Christianity and to a false Jesus Christ.  He is the Jesus and the doctrine of their own making, liking, and interpretation, not the real Jesus.  They have exchanged the Jesus of the narrow way for a new and improved broad way Jesus. 

It's time to set down the lie that you can live for Christ on your own terms, in your own way, according to your own denomination, your own doctrines, and your own understanding.  It's time to stop thinking we can conveniently ignore, dismiss, or re-interpret the hardest words of Jesus and still think we can experience the abundant spiritual life and still go to heaven.  

If God has blessed you with the realization that you are not experiencing in your heart the kind of Christianity that you know deep down is possible, then it's time to count the cost of absolute surrender to Christ and to count the even greater cost of not surrendering.

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