Getting and Keeping a Pure Heart: Your Part and God's Part

This message was from a series of recordings I made to a woman struggling with divorce, sin, poor health, pain in her body, loneliness, hopelessness, negative thoughts, tormenting thoughts, feeling condemned by the YouTube messages she heard of mine, not feeling the love and presence of God.  In this message I spoke to her about how to get the sin out of her life, by cleaning her spiritual house, and by better understanding God's demands of her under the New Covenant Relationship. 

God seems so demanding and strict in the Old Covenant and He can even seem downright mean at times and certainly unmerciful.  His standards of righteousness were high for the Israelites, but what about the New Covenant.  How does God see our sin in the New Covenant.  Is He more merciful to us or does He overlook some of our sins.  Why don't so many people die for their sins in the New Testament as in the Old?  How does God view your sin and my sin under this New Covenant and what He is really expecting from us.