When Satan Tempts You To Look Back There is a Blessing AHEAD

In this recording I share a recorded journal entry from 4.5 years ago, when Satan came at an "opportune" time and did something extraordinary in order to tempt me to "look back" and return to my old life and career. The temptation was fierce and Father allowed it to test me and once again see what was in my heart. Of course I didn't realize the full importance of the test then, but just a few months after I passed this test, the Lord asked me to serve him full time in this ministry of RelentlessHeart.com

The Proof and Blessing of Tested FAITH

All true Christians will be tested by God, even the faithful ones. Jeremiah declared this truth in Jer 20:12 when he said, "You (LORD) who test the righteous". This video is a story about a time when God tested me in the ministry and it made NO sense at all. Looking back, I can see clearly now what I couldn't see then.


How To Overcome Doubt and Discouragement

This is a very special video to me. I recorded it on April 20th 2013, when I was having a very tough time in my walk with Christ. I wanted to share it with others to encourage them that I too was struggling with them. Based on what has happened since, and the fact that this was the next video in line to be published and that TODAY is Persis and I's ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY, this video is SUCH a blessing to me and reminder of Father's A M A Z I N G Faithfulness. I know you will be encouraged by this video to keep going and to keep trusting Christ!



WHY CAN'T I HEAR GOD? When God is silent it can be frightening, especially if we have great need. In this message I'd like to share some reasons from the Bible and from my own journey why God goes silent and how to determine if it's discipline or a blessing. Often times silence is a path the great to blessing.


When Losing Your Hope and Faith is Good

"I've lost everything...I've lost ALL hope and now I'm LOSING MY FAITH!!!"  Years ago, if I would have received an email like like this, I would have felt such a panicked urgency and concern for the person.  I might have even thought, "Oh, my goodness, I've got to try to help save this person from their despair."  Today, after thousands of emails like this, and after finally understanding God's ways, I have a completely different response.  I see a wonderful opportunity for someone to lose all of their false hope and their false faith and to lose their life to find it.

Waiting for God's Timing

Next to obedience, waiting on God is the most important lesson I have learned about walking with God.  Almost every single spiritual blessing or good thing God wishes to give us will only come as a result of us learning how to patiently wait for God to act in our behalf.  

The Ironic Blessing of Weakness: Part 3 - My Own Terrible Weaknesses

There's nothing more encouraging when you are weak, than to hear the stories of others who have been weak, but who made it finally to a place of strength in Christ.  My walk with Christ has been filled with weakness, so much of it that it's quite embarrassing to look back on. However, by the grace of God, He got me through and if He can do it for me, He can do it for you!