My Best Case for God's Existence to the Angry Atheist

The following YouTube comment was posted on one of my videos entitled, “Don’t Be Surprised if God Runs Off Your Unbelieving Spouse”. I had never heard of Louis before or traded any communication with him previously.


Here is that recording I made to Louis with my very best case for the evidence of God’s existence and the Lord Jesus Christ.

You Accepted Jesus, But Has He Accepted You?

In this message I would like to share what I believe is the MOST IMPORTANT END TIMES MESSAGE in the Bible, making peace with the coming King in Revelation 19.  As most of us know, contemporary evangelism today has told us, "All you have to do is accept this humble meek and kind little Jesus...just accept Jesus and you'll go to heaven."  The problem is that there are many Scriptures that tell us that just because a person accepts or comes to Jesus that doesn't mean He will accept them and the even bigger problem is that He is not coming back as the humble meek and kind little Jesus with love and tolerance for all.  I want to show you in Scripture what is going to happen to those that are not "accepted" by Jesus and I want to show you a little understood parable of Christ, which tells us exactly what we must do in order to make terms of peace with the coming King of Kings in Revelation 19.  There are some frightening things to consider in this message.

Exchanging Your Pain and Darkness For Salvation in Jesus Christ: The Gospel

Your or someone you know has a life that is falling apart and you believe in God, but you don't know him.  Maybe you even have believed in "God" through other religions, but they have done nothing for you.  Jesus Christ stated that He is the only true Son of God and no one can come to God or have eternal life without faith in Him, but WHY is this, and is this TRUE?  Here is a basic understanding of the Gospel and how you can find a relationship with the true God through Jesus Christ.

How Can I Be Sure I am Saved?

I have been receiving more and more emails from people who desperately want to know how can they know for sure if they are REALLY born again REALLY saved.  I am so blessed by these wise people who are taking a pause to ask this question....

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Can a Christian Commit Suicide and Still Go to Heaven?

Unfortunately, I not only have personal experience with this subject (best friend killed himself in high school) but I also get quite a few inquires about this subject through or my YouTube channel.  There are some rather dramatic suicide prevention stories now associated with my story video.   The latest was a young Christian man named Adam, who was sitting in a parking lot in Ireland writing out a suicide note to his two children and their mother, because he lost everything to his...

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The "Christians" Who Will Hear "I never knew you"

Imagine the shock people go into when they find out they have cancer and even worse that the the insurance they thought they had is not actually valid and will not take care of their medical bills.  How much more the terror of those who have loved God, prayed to Him and gone to church all their life and when they die, they hear, "I never knew you."  Can you imagine the terror and complete shock in that moment.  WOW!  In 2 Corinthians 15:3, Paul pleads with people who call themselves "Christians" to examine their faith and to test themselves to see whether the Spirit of Christ is really living in them.  There is no doubt in the minds of God fearing preachers and true men and women of God, that the majority of people sitting in churches in America will not make it to heaven, so how can we be for sure that we are truly born again, from heaven's perspective not just our church.

The Shocking Day Jesus Told Me He Didn't Know Me

Everyone seems to have a died and gone to heaven story these days.  I have remained very skeptical and for good reason.  Ironically, even right now at this very moment, my best friend from high-school, Matthew Eldridge is working on the Hollywood movie 90 minutes in heaven. He is the body double for the young Don Piper, as portrayed...

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Doubting Your Salvation

Have you ever wondered if you were really saved?  Do you know for a fact that the Spirit of Christ is living in you?  Just because a person calls them self a Christian or because they go to church, read their bible, serve in the church, go on mission trips, volunteer, etc...that does NOT...

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When God Finally Broke My Mother's Stubborn Unbelieving Heart Part 2

So how exactly does a person go from persecuting you and labeling your faith in Christ as a "mental illness" to then becoming on FIRE for the Lord, themselves?  Well, just listen in and hear how Jesus Christ can crack through the most stubborn and resistant heart you can imagine.  Don't stop believing for your loved ones!  Keep praying!!!  Your strong faith and the grace of Christ can move mountains!